Climate change, the fiction truth forgot

Paris could well be seen as a redistribution centre for the wealth of the developed world that is if there is any wealth left….. Is it politically incorrect to deal a spade with a spade?

 Saturday, 12 December 2015

The developing world claiming the current global climate change debate is all as a result of the west due to the allegation they have polluted the entire globe – and in that act created climate change. 

The fact the earth is a planet that rotates on an axis and moves around the sun at revolutions that are not strictly circular and that the sun has other object rotating around it at irregular orbits speeds and distances and the Solar Systems as it is called revolves inside the Milky Way galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy revolves around millions of other galaxies in the universe and our universe possible revolves around and side by side many other universes……..and so on.

This proves we never had a time when the earth is ever in the same place with the same gravitational forces bearing down on its surface at all….

In addition with a few volcanoes erupting every year and the sun heat transmitted at never the same temperature we are probably at the short and of the straw as to whether anything at all little old man does ever is big enough to impact in a powerful enough way to affect the earth’s temperature.  Or does this mean man affected the earth so much that even the dinosaurs were sent off to extinction? We know that was all of its own doing as the fact is man was not even around YET. But we would have been blamed if we were around.

Ideology have turned the climate and animal extinction and the earth’s garden of Eden image a vehicle for wealth distribution and socialistic ideology under a green cloak of fear mongering of  the ignorant.

Whatever happened to Darwin’s theory where animals died out when they no longer adapted to change or their evolutionary road was culdesacked?  Now it the species or sub species that does not remain robust and perpetual is immediately due to mans unreasonable activity.

If on the other hand it is determined s species can be assisted the people are not asked if they are prepared to allocate the vast human and financial resources to be dedicated to the saving of one species verses another or that the survival of that species is turned down by the people. It is not even placed before people, the allocation is done without any reference to the choice or decision of the people who owns the resources.

The green fanatics spend more money and resources on animal care than human needs.  Whale harvesting is an example. Millions of lambs are eaten each year, but whales  – even those not endangered are for some reason not permitted to be plated.

The fact is just like the dinosaurs and millions of other species they pass with time into history and failure to accept that will doom man own survival.

Further mans domination of the planet is a marvel and his survival needs should always receive priority over the other species not with abuse and not without regard for sustainability but with commonsense.

Man could never have become the incredibly impressive species he has, if he, mankind, had not made amazing decision down through history, in hindsight. With political correctness prevailing today, man would have avoided those difficult decisions, and in so doing, destroyed mans potential.

Mans very survival and his many contributions far out way any damage on the sojourn…… As man prepares for the next move not across the Nation or the ocean but the entire solar system it is all due to his incredible journey to date and his initial decision to stop swinging through the trees and dare to take up the challenge –  the ongoing mystery of being different.

It would be an advantage to think if the planet is entering a crises period in regard o temperature changes then all of mankind should pull together not one group exploit another.

It is a well known fact in a disaster all mankind moves to assist one another, except the Arab nations for some reason the wealthy Arab nations refuse to open their arms to generosity and remain aloof from that aspect of humanity especially in their own region. This subject requires being addressed.

Even if involvement is difficult for whatever reason then why not financial assistance of equitable amounts.

Why is it the far reaches of the world must come to resolve issues on the Arab door step….Shape up you Middle Eastern Nations you understand these problems more than anyone else  – then do something. The world looks on shocked at the silence in the midst of the ongoing savagery across the entire region….and it just goes on.

If the Arab world wants to be recognised as being civilised then show the world you can act civilised and clean up the mess…….to have others have to do it for you is shameful.

Finally, from Afghanistan right through to Morocco, it is a human cess pool of blood and misery – why?

That has been an historic problem right back to the British Empire methods of problem solving – not the best solutions at all. Usually ending up in a mess.

Cannot the Arab nations sit down and in an adult manner do something to fix it. If not it just leaves a huge advertisement of those Nations inability to be civilised and manage their problems accordingly.

It is hanging your dirty linen out for all to see……and quite frankly that is not a good sight.  The end result, outsiders have to come and clean up the mess. They unfortunately do not know it as well as you and subsequently will mess the solution up.

Jri Miah
The Blue Planet
JM 09 12 15 993


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