Why only the west allegedly owe $100 Billion for destroying the planet?

Paris could well be seen as a redistribution centre for the wealth of the developed world as the developing world want from $100 Billion dollars to half that again – if they can get enough suckers to pay……..

Saturday, 12 December 2015

As with most free money – hand outs, if you do not earn it, you have no respect for it.

            Now regarding the request for the $100 Billion dollars allegedly owing because the west has destroyed the planet…….well if that is what is demanded let’s consider it equitably. That consideration will lead us to one and only one conclusion.

            It is that the money exchange should be on one basis alone and that is the developing countries paying the developed countries for the many advantages the western developed technologies have given these nations and improved and even extended there lives by that use. Aids as an example.

The claim from the developing nations should be managed as follows.

We, the west, need to lodge our claim for the materials used by the entire developing world, for which it has not only comprehensively used but done so  entirely taking the availability of those materials for granted. With no payment, no thanks, and no gratitude.

If the developed world has impacted on climate change then it was in developing all the modern technical wonders of modern man. Those wonders are shared without cost by the developing world. In the past up until now, they have been generously and willingly given at market cost, with no development fee or licensing payment – so maybe it is time for a development fee – known as royalties.

The west’s claim should include fees for every technical object that is used by that society and it should now attract a royalty payment to the developer company……

In addition the rightful owners of the item, must recieve payment for that nations proportionate input needed for the R&D of each of those items.

This should include, but not be limited to, items such as, those required to communicate, including every phone message transmitted through the satellite, the satellite system in its entirety, every phone, travel / transport equipment such as aircraft trains ships etc, medication and packaging, and all modern materials of any structure or substance.

Storage systems, design and construction methods and materials, weapons and munitions, generation of energy and agro science development, including patents.

Further and in addition all the disciplines of human resource development, being scientists, doctors, – dental, eyes, genetics obstetrics – pilots, agronomists, navigation systems, etc etc etc….to incorporate every aspect of any technology used in modern day life…

This appreciation is necessary first, as in the past the west has had to carry that burden entirely.

Finally the matter of island states sinking must also be addressed. This is apparently another reason the money is required.

Emotions and money aside, research has proved the so called island sinking reports are opportunistically imagined. The increases and decreases in island land mass which have apparently been effecting concerns of island dwellers since recorded time, the above – below  water level resulting in them being different than previously presented  are not eventuating –water levels are much the same as they have always been,  this is what New Zealand analysis has revealed..

However, in the event one island habitat does significantly and unacceptably reduce in land mass and is being continuingly reduced – to the point there is fear of it being washed away, the Island becoming uninhabitable, then the time to re-establish it with dredging is near and is available. The successful Middle East island establishment programs have permanent islands being established with absolute success.  Many permanent homes are established on these newly claimed land masses.

Furthermore and additionally, the Chinese have been practising the reclaiming technology with great success now for about 10 years in the South China Sea.

The Chinese program has been so successful and is so all incorporating, even including heavy jet landing strips and deep harbours, lagoons and massive wave breaks to limit the impact of future storm damage, all having been incorporated in the new reconstruction programs.

It would be best to start saving for such an eventuality by way of setting up a fund for any such event occurring. The western nations may be able to assist in this regard.

This way the island people’s beloved and most rare homeland can be preserved perpetually so with absolute confidence the priceless treasure can be handed from generation to generation.

Therefore the island people can always be island people. Whether that be of Melanesia or Polynesia decent in the South Pacific, or Pacific generally or the island people of South East Asia and or the Indian Ocean or anywhere else in the world’s oceans.

Island people need to be reassured that the technology to establish their island habitat is proven and available and moving is entirely unnecessary more so the new reinvigorated island home will probably offer safer and more permanent attributes then the old.

The need now is for a careful record of the island homes land mass which need to be noted and stored safely so any re-established constructions recreates the exact same scenario so the Island people entirely indentify with it as being their home.

Satellite imagery and surface detailing can do this and can do it exactly. Resident animal and insect specie identification is what will take the time.

As for the island itself, this can be complete right down to the school, hospital, the international hotel, swimming pool and the entire island infrastructure as needed even the romantic coconut tree plantings on the tropical sea shore……


This balancing of the books is equitable and if there is such a thing as human induced – anthropogenic, climate change which I refute and if the developing world claim they need this infusion of wealth of which I have no doubt will go the same way, that the 1 trillion dollars went, then the developing nations have to first uplift their part of the cost and provide to those many companies of the divers technology of the human industriousness as clarified above.

Remember when ever there is a disaster, be it weather or medical,  or a shortage, it is the resources of the west that arrives most urgently at the shores edge, to extend every assistance at no cost what so ever to all those much loved islanders, as such are our feelings for our Island brothers and sisters.

Jri Miah
The Blue Planet
JM 09 12 15 1093

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