One of our subscribers is PISSED OFF !!!!!

Hi Folks, Sorry for the heading however it is about how I feel in relation to how the idiot Abbott dumped us into another war of US led aggression. All we seem to do is fight the wars for the US with nothing to gain but having laws passed on to us in the name of terrorism that curb our freedom. Are we becoming a another state of the dreaded US. Every time you turn around there is some bloody Yank telling us what we should do to combat the world menace they created.

The US created and is financing the ISIL group in Syria and Iraq as well as other places. On another note, it is disturbing how the initials have changed, it used to be ISIS which stood for Israeli secret intelligence service, I wonder what role they are playing So WW111 is only around the corner and closing in on us rapidly.

scott-morrisonScott “Adolf” Morrison with his forced vaccination of all children, beginning in January 2016, which are nothing but poisons ( read the labels on the boxed doses and see for yourself, most have not even been tested on humans) failing to do so, parents will have their child benefits cut off. What sort of US inspired bullshit is this, Blackmail maybe. It has already been proven that the FDA and the CDC are corrupt and run by criminals ( admitted to by their own research scientists) so the TGA would have to fit in to that reasoning as well.

There are many topics I could talk about, but this needs to be short, not some type of novel!

In my time, I have travelled to some 85 countries and it saddens me to see the destruction of this planet in the name of Greed, Racism and some pathetic Religion.

John Grae

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