Science Fiction Naturalises Dingo

Australian biodiversity is under threat from those wanting to “naturalise” the Asian dingo and feed it our Australian native wildlife in public conservation reserves in the guise of “ecological balance” of course. Farmers along dog country of Australia’s south east report local and general wildlife loss as “dingoes” are reestablished in national park.

If Minister Garrett gets his way 125 million hectares of Australia’s choice wildlife habitat will be confiscated off rural communities management to dedicate to dingo dinner before it meets a climate changing accident burnt from canopy to sub soil. Australia is considered to have 167 million hectares of forest. Little dingo free habitat beyond “Garrett’s Green Grab for Dingo Dinner!” Since the 1970s influential commissioned science quite aware of dingoes capacity to exterminate wildlife and domestic animals from an area, has asked Government departments be “educated” to accept dingo in public reserve harboured from so called “unjustified vilification.” Dingoes duplicate to back up “no graze policies” in city water catchment and cheap “pest animal control” in public land at the cost of wildlife. Force land use changes from safe livestock production to plantation forestry or more national park.

Is it coincidence NSW and Victoria are currently investigating the hybridization of dingo being declared a key threatening process? About 100 years ago farmers invested in many thousands of kilometers of dog fence. By 1914 they were linked to form 8650 kilometer dog fence Fowlers bay South Australia to the Qld Bunya Mts to protect wildlife, people and livestock from the ravages of the Asian dingo. 3000 kilometers were lost in 1983 in Queensland leaving many wildlife species vulnerable to dingo populations higher 3 times or more of 200 years ago. Apparently the scientists and pro dingo naturalization people are going to select wild dogs of approved DNA or skull dimensions to chomp through the wildlife south of the fence realizing another green dream.

From native wildlife’s point of view there is no detectable difference in the slaughter pattern they experience at the jaws of a “wild” so called pure dingo with an insatiable killer instinct to massacre beyond their capacity to eat all their kills and the massacre pattern of dingo hybrid derivatives that are now meant to be out there ripping up animals wild or domestic spreading disease and chaos across public and private lands.

3500 years ago the Asia dingo arrived on the mainland starting a new wave of native species extinction. Off shore island ecologies have remained in balance without them. Mainland Aboriginal people were forced to begin gathering and grinding grass seed to fend off starvation. Adopt fishing as the game disappeared. Aboriginal people had to maintain a nomadic existence because of the competition for food with the dingo. They tried to keep dingo numbers under “tight control reduce their numbers and ecological impact” Tim Flannery paleontologist that aptly describes todays “national parks as marsupial ghost towns” observes wildlife were more abundant 4000 years ago before dingoes arrived and today wildlife are more abundant south of the dog fence. Tasmanian Aboriginal people in comparison had plenty of game and didn’t eat fish. Wildlife still thrive in Tasmania.

Early explorers reported on the mainland they could not rely on bushtucker for survival. Dingoes and wildlife were rare compared to off shore dingo free islands where game was abundant. As dingoes were again brought under control or removed fully from landscapes wildlife recovered from rare to abundant numbers locally, generally. When traditional Aboriginal management ceased from disease and movement to missions offering secure food supplies, dingo driven fauna extinctions accelerated aided by dingo population explosions facilitated by the introduction of the rabbit and loss of Aboriginal suppression.

Man came to Australia about 45 000 years ago and established themselves as top predators and managed the vegetation to retain biodiversity by adopting cool fire to compensate for loss of over 40 species of grazing browsing mega fauna at or around the last glacial drought.

Effective aerial and surface baiting and the dog fence came too late for many species in the east and central Australia. The dingo has been declared by scientists the “main culprit in fauna extinctions” 18 species fully extinct 1840-1970 and before the fox and cat numbers became significant. This same scientist then turns around ignoring his own evidence to request more of the same imposed on our conservation lands lamenting the passing of the pure dingo rather than the native wildlife extinctions. Quite extraordinary!

Clearly the dingoes arrival 3500 years ago heralded a new wave of extinction. Mainland tiger killed out, out competed 3000 years ago, devil 500 years ago. Other species may have gone without detection before or since European settlement. Many species John Gould described in the 1840s have now disappeared or the distribution vastly reduced, rendered them zoo specimens in protective custody of dingo proof pens or only found off shore. Eastern quoll, pademelon and bettong are now gone from eastern Australia and found only in Tasmania. Western quoll vastly reduced distribution, northern and spotted quoll in retreat. Numbat, bilby, echidna, hairy nosed wombat, bridle nailtail wallaby, various rock wallaby, swamp wallaby, hare wallaby bandicoot, rodents all on the dingo hit list for extermination. One in five Australian mammals are internationally declared vulnerable to extinction and most live in country reinfected with dingoes.

Some scientists wanting dingoes naturalized and reintroduced south of the dog fence to apparently generate more gee wiz public funded jobs researching endangered species and biodiversity disappearance. Their definition for naturalization rather feeble “cultural or ecological impact” Rabbits, cane toad, foxes, terrorists, horse flu all qualify for naturalized status! Under Aboriginal suppression dingo populations presettlement exterminated natural predators tiger and devil now harboured populations of dingo are declared suitable top predators displacing man and provided with unlimited rabbits, pigs, foxes, cats to hunt and hunt with!

. “Science driven educated” public servants denying the man on the land top predator status the first time in 3500 years manipulating access to traps, poisons, funds necessary to defend wildlife or livestock on his land or suppress dingoes and their derivatives in confiscated public reserves so true native wildlife have some chance of survival before it is too late for them. The horror fires across 3 million hectares of the high country 2003-7 destroyed many wildlife colonies that had not previously starved in stagnant abandoned vegetation deprived mixed species grazing, cool fire or selective logging to maintain an ideal structure and level of disturbance to maintain vigor and diversity. Another 30 million hectares of NSW at least is declared fire hazard most of it now dog country! In 1969, 5-8% of NSW had light dingo populations. 2008 over 30% of NSW has light to high levels of dingo infestations 10% public reserve spilling over private managed land.

There is little safe dingo free wildlife habitat left on the coast and tablelands of NSW or Victoria south of the 5650 kilometer dog barrier fence. Twice the length of the Wall of China and Labour /Green politics want to breed Asian dogs on the inside and put genuine native wildlife in pens. Will the Labour Governments tan their political platform with more wildlife extinctions starved, butchered, burnt in the name of environmental theory flawed in practice.
Why do farmers try so hard to feed these people.

Noeine Franklin
Brindabella NSW

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