Malcolm Turnbull supports Islam 5th Column in Australia

Here we have not only a now PM, but a Rhodes Scholar.

This video takes a look at the Turnbull support of Islam back in February 2011 and he continued today
after the terrorist attacks in Australia he as Prime Minister cares not to discuss. There are video clips supporting statements Turnbull makes here that will

curl your hair. We do need a sixth PM TODAY with balls and a policy to fight for Australia against this blatantly obvious Muslim push to taker over the country.

Expounding and elucidating us on just how much we “need” and should respect Islam.
It is clear to anyone with 5 -10 minutes research most of these views are propaganda and don’t really hold up to what Islam would have us believe

What is even clearer is Oxford University and the Rhodes Trustees owe Mr Turnbull a massive refund of any costs, and an apology for letting loose a failed candidate.

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