Don’t laugh King Malcolm was serious at Libs conference

Mr Turnbull was met by a chorus of laughter from sections of the crowd when he claimed the Liberal Party was “not run by factions”.

Mr Turnbull was jeered again when he announced that the Liberals were not run by “deals in back rooms”.

“You may dispute that, but I have to tell you from experience we are not run by factions. Nor are we run by big business or by deals in back rooms.”

One member of the crowd could be heard yelling “come off it” as Mr Turnbull made the remarks.

The King has dismissed Tony Abbott’s pending solid clamping of Islamic radicals by introducing the velvet glove as he expressed at the recent armed terrorist attack on the Sydney Police Centre  resulting in the murder of a police staff member outside the building in Parramatta – Read this story [HERE].

Readers Comment:

This Weak Kneed Wally Malcolm Turnbull was going to clean up the way Tony Abbott was dealing with these Muslim Barbarians who go out of their way to spread their hatred on to others. When he got the chance to stand and be seen as a leader he went to ground and crawled away like a dingo. He has shown his colours, and I really believe that he is a sleeper from the Kevin Dud school of useless intellects. There isn’t one thing he has done except to back stab the only man who showed a set of balls and was willing to take the fight to those who wanted to destroy the country you and I love.

A man might as well vote for The Greens and do away with everything that is dear to us.

Ken Taylor

“There is nothing to worry about, the country is in good hands under King Malcolm” 

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