King Malcolm surrenders the key to Australia following Europe’s disaster

Our misunderstood ethnic Muslim cousins assimilating as only they understand across Europe are soon to be in Australia, but not living next door to King Malcolm of Australia or high priestess Julie Bishop. Both videos below support the need to repel the pending invasion to Australia.

Video One

We are under attack, and that is a fact

If these invading Muslim hordes do not kill by guns the extended hand of friendship and compassion, then their disease ridden bodies will.

This migration somewhat reminds one of how Persians *(corrected from Huns) used cats to invade Egypt knowing Egyptian forces would not fire arrows at the animals for fear of going to hell should they kill one, but the modern day Muslim barbarian chooses children.

In this situation hordes of able-bodied indoctrinated men are taking advantage of an empathetic society who won’t stop these people because they feel turning them away is wrong.

The parliament of fools in Australia kowtow to the bleeding hearts who will never extend compassion by providing accommodation for refugees in their homes and to suggest 12,000 be sent to assimilate in their suburbs is out of the question.

Tony Abbott presented a hard line approach to immigration of these people and was politically executed for his stand to protect Australia from the debarkle now attacking Europe.  King Malcolm Turnbull, who orchestrated the Abbott execution to gain power, now is handing over the keys to Australia opening the boarders so we can enjoy the same assimilation here as they are in Europe.

Video Two

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