Rural Extermination on Plan

Rural Extermination on Plan

Once again the farmer bares the brunt of negligent bureaucratic management.  By the  release below it is conclusively admitted that the cost to Australian agriculture is massively affected by intentional poor land management processes and in particular here, noxious weed control. 

Weed control is not only an incredible time and cost impost upon farmers, but in fact a losing battle that cannot be won by the farmer alone unless public land managers are held accountable for their gross intentional negligence in this sphere of bio-control.  Weeds in NSW State Forest

There is not a National Park, State Forest, nor Commonwealth land holding of size, that is not the main transgressor in regards to unfettered annual propagation of noxious weeds and thereby seed stocks.  One only has to take the children for a drive through any pine forest (private, or State owned), State Park or National Parks to see the prolific growth of blackberry, thistles, fire weed and St Johns Wort and others thriving amongst the terrain for miles. 

These enmass explosions of noxious weeds each spring are the breeding grounds for the insidious noxious weed seedling armies that invade rural properties for tens of miles beyond their safe haven public lands borders.  Seed spread by birds, animals (wild dogs, pigs, foxes, cats etc, wind and across the nation, by vehicles, yes DEC vehicles. 

Add to this the immense ability for many weed seed stocks to travel the water ways and this problem transcends State boundaries.  It is possible for one weed seed propagated in the Snowy to end up in a pasture in South Australia regardless of the dams and locks along the waterway.  Why is it that it is only the farmer gets a mention by the CRC spokes-people as having responsibility in control when in reality it is only the farmer that is actually fighting the losing battle and certainly not the main transgressor. 

The DEC of NSW under Minister fire hose Phil Koperberg is giving tens of millions of dollars in grants for all sort of spurious reasoning, but the most culpable waste of our tax dollars is the incredible covert grants system of millions of dollars to quassi environmentalist groups to buy lands to turn into private national parks; Parks that don’t show on their records as being their own manufacturing of stolen unmanaged lands. 

Just a miniscule amount of this miss-spent funding if turned to public land management weed control would see exponential relief to hard pressed farmers in the form of this weed scourge.  More weeds in NSW National Parks

Most weed seed stock takes years to eradicate from the soils and many like St Johns Wort have a soil life span of up to ten years, some say 40 years.  When this seed stock is being replenished yearly from public lands as identified above, it becomes an almost impossible task to eradicate the scourge, but worse, a cost impost that is impossible to maintain effectively.  The DEC is NOT HONEST in its drive for sound environmentalism at all, for if it was it would publicly recognise (for we know they privately understand) that their intransigence to this acclaimed $4 billion dollar and growing problem for rural folk, is in fact a major cause for losing the battle. 

They don’t care, for legislation effectively exonerates the DEC and lands under its control from the same legislative controls that farmers are legally obliged to answer to.   

The Snowy management plan clearly identifies just how much of a weed proliferation has occurred since they took the mountain man and his management from the high country and yet still the farmer/stockmen are to blame.  The DEC are allowed to have unfettered bushfire fuel loads, weeds propagation and feral animals running rampant, all affecting their commercial rural private neighbours, let alone the environmental damage, whilst having legislation in place from compensatory litigation from such neighbours.  Yet conversely, should such a rural neighbour to these public lands, or wider,  cause a like return problem, these quassi environmental nazi dictators, attack them with all the venom and weight of the law they themselves are not obliged to obey. 

Lisa Corbyn, the DEC Director General on $11,000+ per week, yes you heard right, is reported as believing in the punitive systems of fines and more, so as to have the citizens come to heel to the Fourth Reich’s one way rules.  No wonder her ministerial clone Bob Debus wants the Federal Environmental Ministry, the coup de gras will be delivered and Corbyn’s job will be complete.  Keeping in mind this closet policeman Frau Corbyn, spent years in the US EPA before gravitating to senior positions of bureaucratic power in Australian for god only knows what masters, but you are all about to find out. 

Everyday there is some new impost placed upon farmers from OH&S, Native Veg, Water Catchment, RLPB, DPI and the list goes on endlessly to the point that there is almost no time to actually farm anymore and even if there is, there is no real incentive. 

Yet all of these imposts have been derived from the very processes that the farmers have been conducting for decades, voluntarily.  It has even reached the point where private industry has begun to generate non-governmental controls in the form of complying with an industry standard impost, or the major processors (middlemen) will not purchase stock for abattoir killing that has passed all necessary requirements. 

Wasn’t the NLIS Tag system supposed to achieve this.  No, this new industry policed system is about big brother gathering every last detail about who, how and what you and your farm are and is. 

Farmers, you are under siege in the first order and if you do not act in a manner that your predecessors did in 1985 by marching as a huge cohesive unit on parliament, local departments, ministers and bureaucrats and this time maintain the pressure, the only farmers that will be left on the land will be those that work for major national and global corporations as employees and once this becomes the reality, and it will, yet you all as a group seem to discount, you will only have yourselves to blame. 

Your farming associations are not working for you, they are playing the game on an uneven playing field and the enemy is playing it against you with your own tax dollars.  Every time we at SOS-NEWS research a story, we are aghast at the amazing plethora of draconian legislation that is behind the curtain to every facet of life.  What we find is so over powering at times that we just do not know where to start and finish. 

The one thing that we do know is that Australia is no longer a free democracy in any way.  Our entire society is in a pincer movement of fascist control, termed “Democratic Dictatorship” and these pincers have all but encircled every tiny facet and angle of Australian life.  React now, or prepare for an Argentinean style future. 

Do not think that the problems out there are your neighbours, or farming colleagues you have yet to meet.  No! to the contrary, as I write this my mind wanders to the pictures of the lines of Jewish citizens marched to the chambers thinking that the stories just can’t be true.  Too late as the Bayer tablets drop down the air stacks and the millions writhe in deathly contortion.  This time the numbers may not be so big, but the prize is an entire nation.  The world’s best. 

Why do you think it is being stolen from us? 

If this stings a little, good, for I offer no apology.  Go stand in front of a mirror and ask of whom you see, “am I just another apathetic, self centred, she’ll be right Aussie, or am I actively doing what I can and must for my fellowman?”  While some of you may be comfortable now, many of your rural brethren are being picked off, some literally.  Your turn is coming and its coming quicker than you may care to think.  It doesn’t have to and 1985 proved this so, you were all just duped after the show.  Brumbyy With 2Ys   

Weeds Cost Economy $4 billion Every Year

 The completion of the “permitted seeds list review “by the Commonwealth agency Bio-security Australia was a major breakthrough for bio-security in this country, said chief executive of the Weeds Cooperative Research Centre, Dr Rachel McFadyen.  “Allowing half the plants on Earth to be imported with no risk assessment -the situation we had before this review -was unsustainable and unjustifiable. In fact it was total folly, given the chaos, expense and degradation caused by foreign weeds in Australia “,she said.  “Closing the door on these risky foreign imports was long overdue, and will deliver huge benefits to agriculture and the natural environment “, she said. “We know that invasion by foreign weeds already costs our economy $4 billion every year, “she said.  “The invasion has also had a devastating impact on the Australian environment, as anyone aware of long-term changes to our landscapes and vegetation can see “, she said. 

Dr McFadyen pointed to a Weeds CRC report published in 2006 on the impact of weeds on biodiversity in NSW, showing how weeds were a threat to 45 per cent of the plant and animal species reviewed.

In particular, weeds were placing serious pressure on the state ‘s 419 listed threatened species, and the situation was slowly worsening.

 “We simply don ‘t have the data for other states, but we have no reason to believe the situation is any better elsewhere in Australia.”  Dr McFadyen said that the review by Bio-security Australia was an excellent first step in trying to ensure that the annual $4 billion national weed bill did not blow out further through the foolish import of foreign plants that are known to be high risk weeds.   “We had a situation previously where close relatives of blackberry, bridal creeper and serrated tussock, for example, three of Australia ‘s worst weeds, could be imported with no checks or assessment of their risk.”  Dr McFadyen said a new paper published in the US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences holds up the Australian plant quarantine system as a model the US might consider adopting. The paper, by Dr Reuben Keller and Professor David Lodge from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, reviewed the Australian system, noted that it had an accuracy of nearly 90 per cent, and that it produced a real net economic benefit to Australia. 

However, Dr McFadyen said that Australia had already imported over 27,000 foreign plants in the last 200 years, compared to the 18,000 known native species, and 2,700 of these imports had already gone wild.

 Over 400 of these imports have been declared weeds, and we can expect many more of the 2,700 out there that are quietly reproducing right now to emerge as major weed problems in future, she said.

“The challenge remains for the community to get weed aware “,she said.

 “We can all help by not buying and planting risky species, and not moving them and their seeds around these holidays as we travel.      Weeds are Nitrogen Thieves  Farmers who hit summer weed outbreaks early can expect to save considerable amounts of soil nitrogen for the following crop, say scientists from the Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Weed Management (Weeds CRC).  “Where summer weeds are allowed to flourish, nitrogen is stolen from the soil and away from the next winter crop, “said Weed CRC ‘s Vikki Osten. “Where there is heavy infestation in the summer, there can be yield losses of up to 40 per cent in the following crop.” Ms Osten says that the trials which she and her research team conducted, have given consistent results, and produced a key message: that nitrogen use is a major issue.  “Where the weeds steal the nitrogen, the next crop will be poor and protein deficient.“And low protein grain does not attract a high paying market.”  Ms Osten says that another result of unchecked pest growth is the replenishment of the weed ‘s seed bank in the soil, ensuring further infestations in future seasons.  A smaller grain crop or lower quality grain due to nitrogen deficiency can have a serious impact on the viability of agriculture in Australia ‘s cropping zones, she said. 

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