Beat The Banks Foreclosing



Banks are the main source of financial pain for all of us. You may not understand that statement now, but after reviewing this file you will be mad as hell because of the abuse you have suffered for many years at the hands of the bank, due to their illegal and immoral conduct.

This sample action just might level the playing field. Again, this knowledge is a loaded gun, be careful how you use it, abuse will make it worthless in the blink of an eye.

 Professor of Law

(Author of this Paper)
Don Quijote, JD


With so many of our rural people finding themselves in the process of the banks foreclosing on their ” loans”, with many more to come, this could be timely information to send the banks packing and restore the status quo, and the dignity of our farming communities and many others. 

This is an American paper, however it pertains to the Australian Banks and how they work in the same manner as Australian Banks. We have modified as mush as we could to suit Australian banking terms. Although copies of court documentation are USA, equivalent legal documents are available in every state of Australia.

World banking use the same principals and practices to manipulate people. This we must get to the farmers and all Australians locked into the clutches of the banks greed. 

Please email this to friends, and to those not on line, print out a copy. 

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Editor Mal Davies


Bank-Hopw To Beat them Foreclosing

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