Brumbies To Be Executed Today

Australian Brumby on the Snowy MountainsBrumby on the Australian Snowy MountainsToday we received notification that the Victorian Government and their able assistants, not content with killing the Legend of the Man from Snowy River, by their banning of the Mountain Cattlemen and their Barmah counterparts, it seems now they are set to remove another icon of Australian heritage under the guise of saving the environment and extremely questionable animal humanity reasons.

On Monday 24th September 2007, members of Parks Victoria will set about removing 150 brumbies from the Barmah Forest which covers an area of 75,000 acres which is 1 Brumby to 500 acres. It is claimed this small number of horses are causing severe damage over this huge area.

Having generated bushfire infernos over Victoria by allowing fuel loads to above danger point, the government and their green masters managed to incinerate most of the states wildlife.

Now another greenie driven decision was made by government to remove the animals from the park following this years harsh drought and with another to possibly to follow, with the implication that this small number of brumbies would place the environment and the resident native fauna under undue stress due to competition for feed and water. Hard to imagine this feeble excuse was not only generated, but accepted by your elected politicians confirming that there is no education or common sense requirements to become a candidate to government.

Many of the horses live in small family groups and are spread throughout the park. No doubt it has been a harsh year for them and many of the other animals.

However no mention has also been made of the contribution to the lack of feed made by other feral animals such rabbits, wild pigs, goats, foxes, dogs and cats all of which inhabit the forest. Such other feral animals often have massive explosive populations and cause direct and monumental damage to the environment.-oops common sense showing again – sorry minister.

An option of using helicopters with snipers on board to do the deed was considered but due to the potential of a similar outcry such as the furor over the Guy Fawkes National Park slaughter of 2000 in NSW. During that episode many horses were shot who died a slow and agonising death from bullet wounds.

The Victorian National Parks propose to round up the Barmah Brumbries, destroy any stressed and old animals on site and remove the rest to the abattoirs.

These animals would be obviously suffering due to the current dry conditions as would the native fauna. . They are more than happy to leave the suffering native fauna to their own devices in the Park while also making little impact on the removal of other feral fauna with populations of thousands which happily munch their way through tonnes of native flora and fauna, digging holes, slopping around in bogs, and bulldozing their way around the Park.

The removal of the Brumbies will have little impact on the environment of the Park.

One has to question the governments motives in removing this small population of an Australian icon and part of our heritage.

If Parks Victoria are actually so concerned with the plight of the brumbies there are other options out there – remove the Brumby who is misrepresenting the office of premier in that state. Read how this Brumby has been using horse meat to free feed the wild dogs

This video has graphic footage of Brumbies being shot but is something we must all look at how they treat our Heritage Horses.

Thanks go to Erin for her production of this video clip, the work and effort put into it.

Brumby Meat For Wild Dogs
As mentioned in the previous story, there is no requirement for brains, or a formal education to become a politician, then minister holding a portfolio effecting the economy and well being of this nation.So again we see these mental giants of the Victorian government letting loose their intellectually challenged abilities, allow free feeding the wild dog inhabitants of your public lands who hunt in packs, feeding from fauna and neighbouring farmers livestock.The greens, who control our politicians, are against 1080 poising of these predators, which for decades prior to the puppet masters holding pollies to ransom, has proven a most effective method of dog and pest control – which may explain why 1080 poison has been removed. or reduce. to ineffective the baits laid by parks staff.This is well published by the article below from the Melbourne Age newspaper by Jason Dowling September 23, 2007, which sums up the situation. This may make you understand just who you elected to government, not that there was a great choice at the time, but their yours for another 3 years.

Maybe the Brumby holding office (pictured left) is intending that the Brumby, being our heritage horse (pictured right), destine for the meat works by the Victorian government, are to be used in the next free feed to dispose of the evidence.


AUTHORITIES trying to poison Victoria’s wild dogs have found themselves fattening the pests on juicy horsemeat rather than killing them.

Baits used to try to destroy the feral dogs did not contain enough poison, the Department of Sustainability and Environment has admitted.

Instead of ending up dead, Victoria’s wild dogs were being well-fed. ..How much did this cost?

The aerial baiting was tested in north-east Victoria late last year and in Gippsland earlier this year.

After it discovered the baits did not have enough poison, the department launched an investigation.

It found a new poison application system used for the baits had the effect of diluting the active toxic ingredients.

Brendan Roughead, of the Department of Primary Industry, said an incorrect concentration of the poison 1080 had been used in preparing the bait.

“The error apparently occurred due to an incorrect dilution factor being applied when using the commercially prepared solution,” Mr Roughead said.

“In effect, the poison was too diluted and the amount of 1080 in the baits was substantially lowered.

“In addition to being less toxic than required, the baits would not have remained effective for very long.”

Department of Sustainability and Environment executive director Ian Miles said affected elements of the Gippsland aerial baiting trial would be repeated in November.

Despite not killing the dogs, the poison bait trial had had some unforeseen benefits.

Mr Miles said satellite collars on a number of wild dogs provided detailed information on where the animals spent time, how frequently they moved, how far they travelled and the extent of their territory.

“To sit and ponder is a cosy feeling – to be positive and speak out is your contibution to your fellow Australian”

“Tell the Brumby in office your thoughts about Brumby in the meat factory”

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