Ukraine the Devil’s Trigger




The western world has gone mad.  Yes bloody mad.  The people of the west have been lambasted with false rhetoric espoused from the smarmy mouths of those same people they elected in trust.  They want to start a war.Russia’s president Putin no more wants a military, nor an economic battle with the west; than he wants economic and geopolitical deprivation of own his peoples. Yet as NATO and that organisation’s dangerous Danish leader – Anders Fogh Rasmussen – push hard against the last Russian border, President Putin is forced to lead out of a corner in the only way left to him for his nation’s survival.

America and its allies – including Australia – are reacting to lies and deceit on a scale never before experienced in modern man’s time.  To think elsewise, is to accept the powers of the western nations backing the anti-Russian movement are wittingly, willingly and cohesively inciting a pathway towards a cataclysmic war.

WW3-NATO-vs-Russia-ChinaUkraine is not a NATO nation; but NATO under the covert rule of the United States is pushing hard for it to become so.  Not in the interest of the peoples of Ukraine, but more so and dedicatedly so – yet not least – because it gives NATO a 2000 klms border along the last backdoor to Russian lands. Equally importantly; because eastern Ukraine is one of Europe’s wealthiest pieces of real estate due to known shale oil and off-shore deposits; deposits so vast, oil goliaths of the west have invested millions upon millions in readiness to exploit.

A wealth bonanza so alluring, these same goliaths are prepared to expend immense political fire power – with if need be – risking a major multi-nation war being fought over that wealth’s control.

When a Puppet becomes a Pawn

When a Puppet becomes a Pawn

As the billions the US expended trying to sneak under the guard of Ukraine’s citizens float off down the Dnieper river as the flotsam of a bad plan; Uncle Sam flies in special forces troops under the guise of manoeuvrers with Poland and other NATO allies; in essence, a reactionary fast moving strike force.

It is not enough western drones pound innocent people named ‘collateral damage’ from the mountainous backwoods of Pakistan to the desert terrains of Northern African.  The wake of US aggression conducted in foreign lands under the pretence of being the globe’s policemen fighting terrorism has become a stain upon the world and a slight upon the good name of the millions in the United States who have no understanding of what their power brokers are doing in their name.

First to publish news and pictures media refuse to considerMain stream media the world over have fallen into step with the lies and deceit and in their own right; are culpable for the perpetuation of the myths and legends they allow to be reported. Stories which attempt to brain wash those who have little time to earn a living, let alone look close enough to discover and understand the terrible spin of untruth being foisted upon them in respect to world events.


collateral damageIsrael bombed Gaza and its children into streets of rubble; the dead by the thousands – collateral damage by the many thousands.

Syrian civil war has seen over 180,000 dead – more collateral damage to come on sovereign territory.

Iraq has slipped to failed as the collateral damage toll escalates.

Afghanistan has been bombed and shot up and is still a dangerous place to be with untold collateral damage.

200 young girls are abducted by Boko Haram as the Nigerian collateral damage list escalates to the untold

Libya stepped into spring and ended in winter with collateral damage beyond compare.

The list is endless and so too are the failures of US policy implementations.

They found the truth, I veto its release.

They found the truth, I veto its release.

Ukraine, with US backing; blamed the Russians and the eastern Ukrainian separatists for shooting down MH17, but the evidence is clear – it was western Ukraine itself which took down that passenger jet murdering 298 innocent global souls.  Even when the official inquiry has been completed the report will be deemed top secret. It will most likely never be released to the public. Four powers are on the board of that inquiry and anyone of them individually hold the power of veto over its release.  They already know the answers; now they are desperately working to make it go away. Causing a cold war makes such an event pale into insignificance, disappear from the human radar; hence into obscurity.

Still further, big oil and – I mean big oil – has its clammy finger print on every piece of contested terrain across the globe and determinedly so here in the Eastern European sphere. Not just a mining lease per se, but millions of invested dollars with billions in projected profits at stake, with the prize of Europe’s energy supply being able to be held to further ransom; just not by Russia.

russo-finnish_003Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere and the west knows President Putin holds Europe in his hands with its energy supply ace card. The west needs to settle this before the first snows arrive and Europe capitulates and removes Russian sanctions. History has shown twice before – Napoleon & Hitler learned hard – Mother Nature protects harshly the lands above the marching NATO line.

The forces of NATO need to fast-track Ukraine in under its umbrella and is prepared to do this poste-haste with little thought of what this will do for member nations struggling through a poor Euro economy; a pending heavy winter; and now a pending war which could, and most probably would, rapidly escalate from conventional to nuclear military action in but the splitting of an atom.

senkakuQuietly China is sitting back, waiting. She knows; the moment the US becomes embroiled in a large scale conflict on the continent, it is time to pay Japan back for Nanking; bring back into the fold islands she sees as hers; waters they believe belong. She will see no need to stop at the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. Two fronts would appease their desire to push out.  Taiwan, Japan and perhaps the northern Philippine territories would fall, and fall quickly.

North Korea with aspirations on uniting the South to it – not the other way around – would complete the battle in a couple of weeks.

The only outcome for all of this is not peace being maintained by the deterrent threat of nuclear weapons being ready and available; but annihilation as a result of the actual use of them.  In real terms, the day is almost upon the United States.  Take out its competition – China – or in a decade or two, certainly no longer – it will cease to have the ability to do so and hence-forth would become subservient to the most populous progressing nation in the world.

As Russia, Brazil, India and China evolve the BRIC pact into being a serious global reality bringing with it an economic might – hence alternative global trading currency – perhaps capable of shoving aside the monetary hegemony the US dollar has enjoyed for decades; so too would decline the might of the eagle.

russia_warSadly for the world this day is nigh upon us.  Those currently with fat wallets of immense power see their position not just threatened, but seriously about to disintegrate before their eyes.  Nations are emerging from the dark of history; not just to 2nd world, but valid aspirations to attaining 1st world power status as they reach for the pinnacles of their successes.  Such a flood of political growth along with personal wealth supported by national pride can no longer be stopped by back door subterfuge and dastardly covert controls.  While globalisation has delivered greater power establishment to the elite giants; it has also opened the door to those who live differently; think differently; hold different religious views and see the future as theirs to stand in; as equals. People the giants do not wish to see get a foot hold in their own right.

The USA’s top order power is in trouble.  It knows it.  It needs the western world to stand firm with it. It needs an enemy the west can feel is righteous to fight. Today it is openly picking allies. Tomorrow those allies will have to pick a side for their own peoples.

Russia is ‘not’ the enemy.

The American people are ‘not’ the enemy

Chinese people are ‘not’ the enemy

But big power, big money and big oil; all of which is held within the hands of a miniscule group globally; people who control immense corporate wealth beyond most nations GDP and sovereign wealth funds; it is many amongst these who are unquestionably the enemy of the stability of the world.

Greed; Avarice; Power:

  • Any nation which builds its economy on predominately a military industry has a leadership which is fraught with massive flaws.
  • Any nation which allows its corporations to fleece the poor of other nations in the manufacturing of its goods while profiteering from its sales at home, has a leadership with massive flaws.
  • Any so called democratic nation, which allows big business to finance its political elections; fund its candidates into power; is fraught with massive flaws.
  • Any nation which has such powerful professional lobbyists which change the way sound legislation is bastardised before it is voted upon, has massive flaws.

President Putin has seen the problems.  He has taken his nation out of the dark it was allowed to sink into with the West’s help and has started a rebuilding process which has shocked the western neo-cons, the military hawks and the corporate greedy who believe in no borders, no sovereign impediments to their desires.

check cartoonPutin has bested them in the global chess game.

Putin has bested them in the European energy game.

Putin has bested them in the geopolitical game for his local area;

Putin had bested them in their attempts to impose IMF draconian austerity imposts upon the Ukraine;

But when President Putin wields the power to remove eastern Ukraine from under their noses and in so doing capture the biggest shale oil deposits in the continent right out from under Royal Dutch Shell and their cabal’s bank accounts; then this becomes more than those with a plan can endure.

I hate seeing Russia and President Putin as the hero in this increasingly hot bellicose pathway to war, but there is no one else in this present day as a global leader who has done so much, with so little, at such tiny – if not infinitesimal – human cost.

Russia is not ISIL; not HAMAS; not Al QAEDA; not BOKO HARAM; not any of the terrorist organisations the globe’s populous need to rightly fight.

Russia is a military super-power which threatens the hegemony of western cabal’s desire for global dominance. The old USSR is a nation which has been pushed to the brink of contraction geopolitically. President Putin has said enough is enough; we will walk backwards no more.  If needs be we will stand, we will fight; and his people are behind him.

Will the northern winters of 2014 change history on this planet once and for all?

Will the Nulands; the Rices’; the Kerry s’; the Poreshenkos’; the Camerons’; will these and the people they serve, stand before the Nuremburg trials of 2020 as the criminals of the world to be tried for the destruction of a global way of life?

Mutually Assured Destruction [MAD] can only come about by the actions of the ‘Maniacal Aspirations of the Demonic’.

Brumbyy With 2Ys

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