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USA war machineIf ever there was proof just how western neo-cons and war mongers of the USA push for change in the governments of sovereign countries; this story tells it and tells who is at the top of the pile.

History may well hold President Obama high in esteem for his ability to stand against those in the political and military power of the USA; those who see the need to wage war where perhaps they should never be.

  • Regime change in Syria would see Russia’s small Mediterranean naval base gone.
  • Regime change in Ukraine would see the huge Russian Sebastopol naval base in Crimea gone.
  • Denigration and blustering against Iran sees another Russian friend put under pressure and assuredly regime change there is a USA goal for the same reasons.

As Europe – hence the European Union – has expanded and the USSR – now just Russia – has been decimated geopolitically & Geographically, NATO has never let up on the pressures being applied to remaining Soviet borders.  This may be a good thing in some minds, but at some time there comes a need to call enough as being enough.

eu_countries_europeThere can be little doubt of a need for Russia to remain a strong independent nation.  It is a nation rich in minerals, precious metals along with energy such as gas and oil. Europe relies on these natural commodities and in winter, not only would Europe suffer, but many, many citizens of the myriad of countries who rely on such energy for heating etc.; would die.

While the world demonises President Putin and his nation over Ukraine and perhaps culpably & falsely so over the downing of MH17; the USA is shown to have a grubby hand; yet people in general – busy with their daily lives – don’t seem to have the time to see it that way.

There can be no issues with arming the Kurds against the murderous onslaught being wreaked upon innocents in the Middle East by IS (Islamic State – renamed from ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq & Syria] ); but what does Turkey think of people being armed with US high tech weaponry who for years have been essentially an insurgency in that nation? Will such weaponry eventually find its way to fighting a battle they were never intended for?

Neo-cons in the USA claim Obama acted too mediocrely against Assad. Just who do they arm and with what; to achieve what? Even those calling for the arming of rebel groups could not assure anyone of the effectiveness against Assad for doing so. And Oh! That’s right, the Eastern Ukraine people wanted Putin to annexe East Ukraine as he did Crimea.  Putin said no. Putin didn’t annexe Crimea against the wishes of the vast majority of the Crimean citizens; to the very contrary, the citizens voted to go with Mr Putin.

Kerry1Even yesterday in Sydney as Australia signs a legally binding agreement with the US re increased boots on Australian Northern Territory soil; Secretary of State John Kerry chose his words very carefully when answering media questions about Ukraine.  Why? Because the United States does not appear to have hard evidence Russia, or the Ukrainian Separatists were responsible for the downing. If they do, make it public.  What Secretary Kerry did say, “But there is no question – and we’ve said this publicly previously, but that this type of weapon and all the evidence of it was seen on our imagery. We saw the {takeoff sic}. We saw the trajectory. We saw the hit. We saw this airplane disappear from the radar screen. So there’s really no mystery about where it came from and where these weapons have come from.”

Weapons at the Ukrainian front and for all those nearby European countries are in much part Russian.  If this is the extent of US intelligence then hand over the spy departments to kindergarten.  Meanwhile the rest of the world’s trouble spots are using US weaponry, does that make the US culpable?  Maybe!

Well Mr Kerry: ‘make available to the world the hard irrefutable evidence you claim your satellites reveal.’  I am sure the data amongst your purported evidence would be most interesting, not to say the pictures wouldn’t tell a million words.

Pushing Russia like a rat cornered, may well cause a still powerful rat to bite and some might say; ‘so it should’. Also remember; the bubonic plague is believed passed by rats and mice {many circles of science believe that plague was actually flea borne} and look at what havoc on societies these outbreaks caused.

Five Billion US  tax dollars spent to change culture & society have ended in the violent demise of a democratically elected government; that’s the USA’s legacy to Ukraine. Now this nation is embroiled in a terribly violent civil war and NATO is making sure the Western Ukraine – western installed puppet government – has enough bombs and ammunition to cause civil genocide. There is reported a known 800 civilian deaths in the east from bullets and guns so far, with the belief this number is very conservative.


Russian Humanitarian aid convoy of over two hundred lorries headed for Ukraine

Russian Humanitarian aid convoy of over two hundred lorries headed for Ukraine

Russian aid as it is trucked to the borders of Ukraine is just seen as another Russian ploy to gain a soviet foot hold in the east.

President Putin’s Russia can do no good no matter which way they tread.  Yet still Russia has held its breath, its troops and in most part; its guns.  Unlike the USA arming rebels in so many nooks and crannies of the globe – right down to the Taliban forerunners – the Mujahedeen –in Afghanistan when the Russians were there –as if it was their God given right to wage war at the expense of the lives of others; causes us all good reason to pause. Russia has a neighbour in trouble. Of course she has to pick sides to some degree; but it is hard so far to see that nation seriously engaged let alone overtly waging war. Don’t get me wrong, Russia is no angel, but geopolitically Ukraine is not just in her turf; but a loss of this Nation to the ever pervading NATO is something President Putin cannot allow.

Regardless; America just has no moral ground whatsoever in this argument and quite frankly is being used like a pawn by insurgents and puppet regimes around the globe; all the while thinking they are in charge, in command.

I for one am glad President Obama worked with President Putin and left to the most part, Syria to sort its own problems. Remember, one man’s rebel is another man’s hero and freedom fighter, yet he still remains a rebel.

  • Gaza is being bombed into rubble and exploded humans as its most military-disposed friend stands fast.
  • Libya is all but, if not; a failed state. Was Gadhafi so bad in hindsight?
  • Iraq is in an absolute state of war; a war which can’t be won with conventional western methods and the lost lives of American service men and women on that battle field attest to this.

Afghanistan has the Taliban just waiting until the foreign forces tire and leave. It is then they will return as they have said at the outset they would. Watch this next nation fall to the IS sword as soon as it is able to be absorbed into the new billowing Caliphate.

cattle prodUkraine is tearing its national heart and people apart; yet who is in the background inciting ‘onward forwards’ with a sparking cattle prod of promises?

I understand the world is a chess piece with the top end of the town’s money people seeing it as their realm and right-of-class to exploit. These ivory castle magnates manage politicians to do their bidding, with the USA being the ultimate epitome of this style of politics. They’re pissed – excuse the vernacular – they are not able to make Putin dance to their puppeteer strings; in fact; so much so they’re prepared to manufacture war/s to satisfy their needs. A story in 2010 is interesting reading and grist for much research after that reading for those who dispute the imputations of the linked article.

New Chinese Carrier Killer missiles, the Dong Feng 21D  have the US scrambling

New Chinese Carrier Killer missiles, the Dong Feng 21D have the US scrambling

Those politicians may well pay China platitudes of pacification and acceptance, but China should be very, very worried as they see this Ukrainian flanking move. China may have invented a missile which has forced US Aircraft Carriers to stay 1500 kilometres from their coasts – a distance further than a  carrier’s jets can fly on a single tank of jet fuel, including the yet to arrive F35 – but are they asking themselves; “ If we are being encircled; to what ends?”.

How do you fix this contrived Ukrainian war which has nothing at all to do with the downing of MH17 in the short term? A downing which we might add masked the perplexing and yet unsolved mystery of the disappearance of MH370. A commercial aircraft full of global citizens who may lie at the bottom of the Indian Ocean somewhere on the axis of a straight line between where it was last known to be – factually – and Diego Garcia, the secret US naval base.

  • Just why were these ocean floors not swept?
  • Why were the Chinese considered strange for moving their search vessels more northerly than others?
  • Why is a Dutch company now contracted by Australia to search southern Indian Ocean waters and not this north eastern Indian Ocean area? Will we now see planted debris suddenly appear? Sorry I digress.

Perhaps it is time for the globe’s powers to get serious and the United Nations declare a temporary border down the river Dnieper. Stand between the hostile forces determinedly. Force the parties to the table of global transparency and instead of with guns and bombs, let the Ukrainian east decide what they want, the Ukrainian west to decide what they want and then manufacture by sound UN management, the political machinations which will bring this about.

Yugoslavia is now how many countries and wasn’t the United Nations involved successfully (to some degree) in that.  I am not sure if we call it successful, but certainly the killing has stopped.

Security Council LeadershipIs Australia as Chair of the Security Council serving US needs with the espousals of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop biased beyond appropriate for such a temporary global leadership role?

Brumbyy with 2 Ys



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