cattledrive-8After 175 years of returning big animal activity to the Australian high country ecology with success, stockmen are seeing some justice and equality in participating in genuine “peer reviewed science” objectivity and impartiality in returning big animals to the Wonnangatta Station and valley after 26 years of vegetation abandonment and neglect. The experiment is to observe retrieval of the vegetative chaos generated in those 26 years and therefore to run the trial elsewhere, misses the entire purpose of the scientific approach. The Academy of Science and Royal Society boffins with their rabble of environmental lobby groups in the orchid, bird watching, sale of camping gear shops do not “get the objective” of the approach. When the massive man made fires of 2002-9 were incinerating the alps in mulch lovingly deliberately accumulate for decades in the chaos of deprivation of natural processes. Megafauna activity and cool frequent fire taken away because of some foreign ideology and water profitability short term and unsustainable from an ecological view point.

A massive risk of grass and bushfire across the region has been lovingly accumulated under the blessing of bushwalking boffins bureaucrats hiding behind their law books to bring about mass extinction and destruction of the nations water supply. Wonnangatta in 1988 joined the long list of Australian grazing and forestry land taken by bushwalking boffins and bureaucrats for the management values achieved by local communities. The restoration of wildlife abundance, wildflowers, grasses ancient trees kept fire safe and well fed, the water run off clean, abundant, reliable taken for some obscure political trade off deals in public assets for swinging votes with boffins and bureaucrats getting Labour Green coalitions over the line. Kick backs of public paid bushwalking jobs over seeing doing nothing in the wilderness but watch the bonfire build from policy failure, denial and deprivation.

Government in Australia costs the people annually in the order of $20B for Federal government, $100B for state and territory governments and $10B for local councils considering themselves governments. There are 39 universities costing over $9B annually in public funding with 1+M students undergoing indoctrination at their own cost, including 6700+ PhD students with 4800 of those Australian’s. 80% of PhD’s are screened cheap labour and end their research careers after the PhD. Largely a waste of money and resources at such a massive failure rate when the activists are shutting down our industry because of work place demands for unrealistic wages and conditions, animal welfare and environmental beat ups. Australia is living on what can be dug out of the ground in raw unvalued added coal, iron ore, other minerals and energy sources. Building big houses for government bods which apparently feel no obligation to represent anyone else’s interests but their own greed and arrogance as they splash around public assets with gay abandon and no accountability as they hide among the blur of bureaucracy and boffin qualifications passing opinions outside their sphere of qualification.

Those that entre politics and voted in or boffins and bureaucrats on the public drip feed have their trotters firmly in the trough to then party on with ‘the peoples’ assets frittered away on finger food meals, motels, meetings at the resorts. Piling up the endangered species lists as the ecology they stole off rural minorities farmers, foresters, fishermen collapses from the denial of essential eco-services starved, fed to naturalised packs of Asian dingo then over grown vegetation incinerates to deliver climate change, national water crisis and value add plantation timber if it survives the inferno. Australia’s Gross Domestic Product is in the order of $375-400B where export minerals and coal earns $160-190B annually sold off not value added, agricultural produce $40B at the farm gate and $284B value added as export and domestic retail, laundered into the $60B tourist and hospitality or the manufacturing sector for the urban centric government’s satisfaction. So rural commodities compulsory research levies paid on sale of wool, meat, milk, vegetables, fruit, cotton, grain and oilseed crops, timber to the up keep of boffins who blatantly have told “farmers they owe scientists a living” in addition to farmers having to pay excessive local government rates to support a massive indolent bureaucracy, pay taxes on fuel and income for state territory and federal coffers where rural communities rarely see just returns for their land, carbon off sets, land stewardship, water run off, or receive equity for roads, education, communication, health services……

Declaration of national park out of well managed grazing lease and farm freehold, forest leases has been a key threatening process for water, wildflowers, wildlife, sustainable growth and national prosperity as the inmates run the gaol. The wilderness cults naturalised dingo packs used as a weapon to install their ‘no graze policies,’ public insurance and volunteer labour to buy more and more industrial gadgets to mind their fire suppression policies, protect their tourist destinations at the cost of the nations water, food security, forests, biodiversity, public safety…….. The list goes on.

We have the Academy of Science, Royal Society, various environmental lobby groups orchid, possum, frog and bird tormentors, squealing about those observing 60 head of cattle going back to retrieve the neglected over growth of the Wonnangatta Valley after 1200+ cattle over 10000 hectares once diligently grazed the area green and beautiful 1830-1988 generating park values to then be stripped of its life blood of big animals because the city visitors were scared of cow pats and finding animals bigger than they were in the bush. The “feral exotics” from Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, London or such full of opinions and little informed non selfish information. Wonnangatta Valley was acquired for national park under extraordinary circumstances where predatory national parks associations by passed democratic processes and used public funds to purchase “the FARM.”

These remonstrations about grazing a national park is yet again set to mislead the uninformed general public. Mt Buffalo was the first Victorian national park taken from multicultural stockmen in 1898. Wilsons Promontory was also once home to 60000 sheep and brought to national park status by cool fire and big animal grazing by the hands of artisans in land management. When the experts emerge from their cocoon in the city they want it for their tourist business and public funded experiments called science! In reality its all about self education for those people that have lived sheltered lives in settlements for 1000’s of years fed, watered, clothed, housed by the efforts of others now vilified rural minorities involved in anti-wilderness activities of farming, forestry, fishing.  Everyone knows shops feed clothe water house the masses the rural minorities are out there mischievously ruining the wilderness illegitimately.

These feral exotics arriving “since” sheep, cattle, goats, camel, horses, donkey, water buffalo need subjecting to humane aerial cull, put on a plane sent back from where they have come from and declared not welcome back to burn Australia ever again.

These opinionated experts have abused public office, our education system, green-washing indoctrinated migrant urban living students into thinking big animals and cool fire are not part of the Australian landscape when ‘they are’ and have been for many millions of years for good reasons. The dingo from Asia is exotic to a marsupial fauna and has been naturalised without consultation as the gang greens wilderness retrieval weapon at the cost of Australia’s wildlife and food security for the people.

Australia has 39 universities and over 1 million students in the process of being indoctrinated and screened for compliance to join the public or political service or stay in the indoctrination system as teachers and “researchers.”  Yes Australia we have a long history of chemists, dentists, city architects, Arts Law graduates, immunologists in rabbit biological control or human medicine, food microbiologists, soil conservation workers, hobby orchid watchers, town planners, tram drivers, 10 pound pom PhD’s, British botanists, French trained foresters passing influential advice on to government about grazing ecologies, water supplies, land grabs to then have that land self destruct from being chronically denied management obligations because of some elaborate series of lies pretending to be science based on the precautionary principle licence for theft. Theft on the basis of unsubstantiated claims uninformed opinion and abuse of public office and democratic process by passed by some clandestine Ministerial committee exclusive of all informed views. Claptrap and conjecture is soon enshrined in legislation to give stupidity and greed, dignity.

Just have a look at this elaborate duck shoving and lack of confidence their shonky “science” will stand up to genuine scrutiny outside the orchestrated dynasty of gang green not obliged to declare their bias, conflict and vested interests while enjoying lifestyles on the public purse at the ski resorts university ski club activists in land grab.

Storey from “The Guardian”

 “Victoria’s leading scientific society has called on the state and federal governments to abandon plans for a cattle grazing trial in the Alpine National Park, saying peer-reviewed evidence shows it would fail to cut fire risk.”

”The Royal Society considers the proposed trial as another example of so-called scientific study, undertaken without adequate appreciation or even demonstrated knowledge of the literature and which is characterised by inadequate planning and inadequate scientific rigor,” Dr Birch writes. ”We suggest that the trial be abandoned.”

“The trial will however be subject to strict conditions, with 60 adult cattle to be introduced onto 262 hectares of land, previously known as Wonnangatta Cattle Station.”

“Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria (MCAV) president Charlie Lovick said they will use the trial to demonstrate how the cattlemen’s conservation methods can be used in conjunction with Parks management and other users.

“We are prepared to be judged, not by what we say, but what we do,” he said.

Mr Lovick said the Wonnangatta plays an important role in the history of the mountain cattlemen, and has been grazed for 118 of the past 144 years.

“We left it in very good condition, in the 26 years since we were removed the Wonnangatta Valley, like many other parts of the High Country, has degenerated into a scrubby and pest infested state,” he said.”

But Minister Hunt has “rushed his decision” according to the Victorian National Parks Association.

“Sixty cattle, grazing for a few weeks, is not in any way a scientific experiment,” spokesperson Phil Ingamells said.

“The same thing can be easily done outside the national park, but this option was not even considered.

“It’s just irresponsible when you’re managing one of Australia’s finest and most important natural areas,” he said on Thursday.

Cattle were shut out of other alpine parks such as Kosciuszko and Buffalo decades ago because it was clear grazing was inappropriate and did nothing to reducing fire risk, he said.

Victorian deputy opposition leader James Merlino said national parks were not farms.

“A national park is a national park, you can’t have cattle grazing in a national park,” he said.

Now read the comments

GeoffMosley 06 March 2014 6:30am Recommend

        The fact that the trial will take place in the Alpine National Park rather than on high country sites outside the National Park is a clear indication that the real aim is to open up and destroy the parks rather than control bush fires.


RosemaryA GeoffMosley 06 March 2014 7:33amRecommend

Absolutely Geoff. Also, why do we need another trial anyway?…….the previous decades of alpine and high country grazing provide the evidence that grazing destroys the peat bogs and leads to severe erosion in both the bogs and other sensitive areas. Dr Alec Costin’s research back in the 60’s and 70’s showed the importance of the bogs for water storage and water conservation. These bogs now have the added importance of having high carbon storage. Costin, research scientists from the then Soil Conservation Service (NSW) and Soil Conservation Authority (Vic) and numerous other ecologists from state bodies and universities have provided a wealth of scientific research on the ecology of the high country and the effect of grazing. What is this trial going to find that is not already known? Further evidence to back up your claim comes from the fact that Hunt has so far ignored any scientific advice anyway, when making decisions. The necessary research information being available and decisions to date showing that Hunt doesn’t listen to scientific advice, make an absolute mockery of his saying there is need for a trial.


hairynose 06 March 2014 6:42am Recommend

i don’t get this, on one hand they are shooting brumbies in the national park because of the damage they are doing,and on the other hand they are reintroducing grazing to fragile alpine areas that haven’t recovered form the last 100 years of grazing 
Greg Hunt is a joke!


David Keir 06 March 2014 7:19amRecommend

From ABC Radio National Bush Telegraph:-Dr Dick Williams received his PhD in the dynamics of Australian alpine vegetation from the University of Melbourne and had a close look at this issue following the 2003 fires which burnt much of the Victorian Alps which were grazed at the time. In a report titled Does Alpine grazing reduce blazing? A landscape test of a widely-held hypothesis. Dr Williams found ‘the use of domestic stock to mitigate fire extent and severity at landscape scale under conditions of extreme fire weather, is not justified on the basis of the current scientific understanding of fire behaviour, livestock behaviour and alpine vegetation dynamics.’ Dr Williams says there is no justification for the current trial.
’It’s has no scientific justification and the trial as it is set out has very little scientific credibility…it will be a neat demonstration that cows eat grass’.
what’s your problem with Science Hunt/Napthine?


20reeds 06 March 2014 8:24am Recommend

This is definitely the thin edge of the wedge. Cattle stink, pollute waterways, spread weeds, trample soil and kill native vegetation. Drovers horses do the same. Rabbits and other feral animals thrive in cattle country.Hunt the Irresponsible, Minister for Shark Culling, Reef Dumping, Forest Felling and Cattle Grazing says in defence of his latest edict for destroying the national environment, that the Victorian alpine property was a grazing property for one hundred years. So, a scientifically illiterate decision to put herds of never-seen-before cloven hooves into a fragile alpine ecosystem 100 years ago is all the justification this brain dead politician feels is needed for the Australian public in 2014 – or does he really give a shit about convincing the Australian public at all – NO – he just forges ahead and to hell with due process. L-NP coalitions arrogance personified.  The Minister must resign before he does any more damage to the national estate. Cast a vote of no confidence in this government.


Pseudomys 06 March 2014 9:00pmRecommend

Grazing in alpine parks is not about science or the environment. It is about appealing to a small section of the rural community that has always held a strong feeling of entitlement to areas where they once had unfettered access. The science has been in for years and was backed by the gradual withdrawal of alpine grazing leases in the last century. Those that care to read the history will be aware that the removal of cattle from alpine parks was not so much about preserving plants and animals, but it was about trying to reduce the huge burden of sediment moving down the waterways that would fill the newly built dams reducing their storage capacity and economic life. Yep the original decision to restrict crazing was a financial one.


Source Link:

This gives a glance at the most presentable and rational of public opinion. It is clear the rural communities are out working and the boffins and bureaucrats keep across current affairs while attending work watching their weekend and holiday destinations for exclusive use. A tinkering research program if you can handle it on public funding doing more conclusive science on climate change generated by the mass extinction even of the alpine bushfires 2002-9 incinerating forests and Upper Murray watershed with the mountains of mulch produced by the dingo no graze and fire suppression policies combined building the bonfire from the original land theft in 1944 when stockmen were away at war, fighting for human rights, democratic process, justice, equity while those self righteous people calling themselves environmentalists.

Frogs are considered ecological health indicators. There once were an abundance of at least 15 species of frogs enjoying the return of big animal activity in the high country to the alps before the big animals were variously stripped away. Sheep then, cattle and horses banished except for a few little Brumby mobs vilified and accused of “impacts.” Alec Costin led the charge in dingo mediated destocking and fire suppression policies with his students Good, Kirkpatrick, Williams, Wahren, among others. The destocked alpine bogs were incinerated with what frogs had not died of fatigue, disease and famine. The Brumby runs shelter what is left of the broad tooth rat, pygmy possum, corroboree frogs, spotted tree frogs, among other species going from common to endangered in a matter of a few decades after environmentalism imposes their flawed mismanagement and deprivation of essential ecoservices. Dingo removal, big animal activity and cool frequent fire. Avoidance of the man made holocausts in soil con mountains of mulch. Wonnangatta weeds, rank grass, scrub and von Mueller’s blackburry


15+ species of frogs lived in the sink holes, bogs and alpine creeks thriving during the grazing lease era and before when Aboriginal cool fire took the ecological part of the native big animals after they died out. 60% of species have since destocking all but been lost, and abundance of all frogs plummeted since destocking grazing leases variously since 1944 on the basis of foreign dogma and “precedence,” precautionary principle, not science. Land was taken while stockmen were away at war! This was the theft as precedence. How and why did starved frogs in the 1980s become diseased after globe trotting boffins surveyed Australia’s frog population and biodiversity? Curious correlation isn’t it!

The alpine fires 2002-9 burnt 85+% of bogs and 15% beyond rehabilitation predisposed by the mountains of mulch generated under soil conservation policy recommendations and no regard to depreciating biodiversity ecological sustainability and security of water yield values long term these mulching programs involved. Ginini RAMSAR wetland declared in 1996 was living on the legacy looked after by bushmen black, white and brindle of the Canberra region for generations was taken over by experts in 2003 burnt and undercut as never before in living memory including made safe for the challenge of the 1939 drought heat wave fires.

Ginini was made fire safe by cool fire and big animal activity at this time and previous. The bonfire built in the Canberra Cotter basin from 1913-2003 and even denied strategic early response to lightening strikes in a dry summer storm challenging scrub, tinder and vegetation over growth. For many observers and contributors the ACT Bushfire coronial was obstructed and moderated in its full capacity for fact finding because of conflicts of interest. The ACT Chief Minister at the time held portfolios of environment, and Attorney General acting emergency services. His coroner was strategically obstructed from criticising government land management policy or working outside ACT jurisdiction into NSW parks where Bob Debus was also environment, emergency services and Attorney General minister curiously. Minister for fuel, fire trucks, hire and fire the coroner. Is there a clear path to give the people answers? The then Rural Fire Commissioner Phil Koperberg stands for Bob Debus’s Blue Mountains seat as Bob heads for Federal politics as Minister for Homeland Security. Is there any concern for conflict of vested interest in this situation opaque transparency again?


Incinerated bandaged bogs with plastic shade clothe as you would expect in the wilderness. Gentle spray of ‘av gas’ via helicopter to assist recovery and enjoy research budgets from billion dollar slush funds such as Caring for Country generated by the sale of communication public utility Telstra on the cusp of delivering communications, education, health services, finance and business support to Australian’s scattered over 780 million hectares. Cashed up and milked of public assets for the gang green?How come?

Instead of this investment by Australian’s being directed to these services the “green movement” hijacked the sale of Telstra for funding their international treaties signed off without consultation with the Australian people on matters of biodiversity to burn, water access to orchestrate and extort farmers and city customers for, carbon off set locking up native forests so the superannuation funded plantations are value added monopolies and who should run these mismanaged or not without accountability for the outcomes on public wages and exempt rates and charges for a subsidised exclusive tourist destination. The Australian people paying for decades for bureaucrats and boffins to tinker with “do nothing management in the wilderness,” obstructing the application of essential ecoservices to maintain the security of public and national assets.

People calling themselves scientists and their activist arm, have advised government not to graze livestock or wildlife, control dingo populations or cool burn to create the ideal ‘do nothing lifestyle’ careers for the bushwalking bureaucrats and boffins not held to account for damages for water supplies, renewable forests, infrastructures for water and hydroelectricity, ski resorts roads etc. the farms and towns neighbouring burnt and bulldozed to stop the inferno heading for the suburbs of Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne…… where the boffins and bureaucrats live. Futile fire fighting expenses loss of life, human and biodiversity. Throw it all into the climate change bin, media spin, orchestrated terms of reference for coronial and Royal Commission enquiries in order to ignore the management changes which precipitate catastrophe. No fuel management, the bigger the fire intensity and area affected. The more impossible for fire fighting and fire impact mitigation entering the realms of impossible.

Does the park empire builders care if elderly people live out their days in a caravan “parked” on the side of a burnt hill next to the rubble of what was their home and life’s work? From their leafy seaside suburbs they can spend their holidays and weekends at another destination not yet burnt down or over grown and confiscated off another rural minority ambushed by a suspect political deal and extortion bid from within the ranks. Trade in the Snowy for the Murray red gum tinkering with shooting more Brumbies heritage horse that built their adopted Australia making welcome many post war migrant families sending their children to university to be brainwashed by fanatics and science fiction.



These photos are of BlueRagRange in Victoria not far from Wonnangatta Station where the alpine fires 10 years ago raged through thick abandoned vegetation. The fire burnt off the trees lower left chronically denied protective grazing and cool fire. The other recent photographs show the lack of recovery from the 60 years of science directed mismanagement as the soil and broken rock tumbles into the waterways many metres below and on going 10 years on. What little water is yielded is sent off to the gang green dormitories in town by passing irrigation farmers sent to the wall because the shops feed the Australian people and the boffins and bureaucrats pay themselves enough to buy local produce and the lower socioeconomic classes eat pap dumped on the world market with unknown quality and freshness.

The experts from inner Melbourne suggest cattle do not have any affect on fire risk mitigation in forest because cattle only eat grass! This is not entirely true even Dick Williams low land experimental cattle were chosen because they only knew about eating grass were not high country adapted to eating mixed diet throughout the year including late season grazing of woody shrubs high in sugar content at this time of year. Another dicky experiment in fact.

Cattle also suppress scrub recruitment, thinning and spacing of trees, understorey and ground cover to be fire safe structure or spacing such fire does not heat up travelling up or across the elements of vegetation mobilising the entire organic matter ground to canopy and hot enough to burn plant roots soil humus and the biochar reserves accumulating for many millions of years. This is a concept townie Williams could not get his intellect or his cult following across. When locally adapted cattle are eating the sugar soaked scrubs Dick was already back tucked up in Melbourne preparing for the ski season and analysing his data sets which have not been peer reviewed but held up by the environmental lobby groups headed up by tram drivers, town planners and the like drawing on their qualifications, experiences and practice as the convenient definitive study as has Dicks twiggy experiment indicative of fire intensity. Surveying grazing leases non active etc. Grazing leases destocked by 60+% by the whims of people having no credentials or equivalent learning to pass any informed advice. WE shall talk more of Dick Williams, Alec Costins, John Turners, Maisie Fawcetts plots and schemes interpretations at another time suffice to say you can drive a battle fleet among their arguments if the results of the alpine fires do not satisfy the sipping latte set in the university union. Brainwashed and conscripted gullible urban migrant population programmed to be complicit in burning down their adopted land. Complicit to mass extinction events to value add their endangered species industry in the least.

Where are these self appointed experts standing in judgement, Australian’s want to see their fire fighting experience or experience in management of grazing systems and the native species supported seeking big animal activity and cool fires. The native species perishing in an unsupportive ecology, when big animals and regular cool fire is mindlessly taken away. Where are they admitting after the big soil con fires there are no leaves on the sticks which were once trees, the heat exploded gravel where once there was metres deep of alpine humus, gone are the gardens of wildflowers of every colour and shape, rendered dead sticks are the ancient plum pine trees that once clung to granite boulders worn by frost not inferno, home to pygmy possum for millions of years, the snow gums 100’s of years old were alive, the alpine ash forests were tall stately and alive collecting fog drip, rain and snow into the Murray. They too are dead many burnt within 2 years of inferno killing any ability to regenerate.

When multicultural Stockmen managed the high country with dingo suppression traditional cool fire and restoration of big animals, irrigation farmers were busy producing wild ducks, native fish, rice, dairy produce, fruit, nuts, vegetables, fat lambs and export beef, the worlds best wines to be served at the ski resorts now celebrating the meagre fire recovery. Skiers may think they are among a deciduous forest not an evergreen eucalypt forest, fire killed. Is that the sales pitch to gain world heritage listing and putting up wages and salaries of the globe trotting connective Brumby haters. Putting wild horses back in Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal and exterminating wild horses out of the Australian alps. In both ecologies biodiversity follows big animals. Charles Darwin ran the principles by the British royal society back in the 1860s and Australia’s Victorian Royal Society and Academy of Science fiction still have not received the message as the Species Obituary List blows out through their fingers and under their noses.

These dynasties and clubs are proving time and again they are not competent to advise government on matters of public asset management. How many more inferno blowing away farms, forests, towns and city suburbs, people, wildlife need happen before we acknowledge there is a problem? Policies of no graze, no log, no cool fire are leading to man made fires from man made fuel loads?  The standard of public debate included (& excluding the foul language and slanderous comments of many other responses) indicates there are opinions out there excess to skills on which to judge.

Where these people on a tip from their journalist mates this article was hitting the streets. Before work or at work put in the response on Wonnangatta grazing. The bully boy tactics, denial, scorn typical of what we expect from the environmental sector.  Squeal for their vested interests confiscating well managed farm land for national park the key threatening process for the security of the area locked up to incinerate by the urban centric exclusives. Public paid fire fighting, public subsidised city water, public subsidised city carbon off sets, public subsidised wilderness tourism, free trade camping gadgets at the expense of Australian exporters and industry.

Victorian high country repeatedly burnt beyond recovery to meet some foreign ideology about wilderness, tourism, carbon off set and city water catchment.


There you are Australia you decide if this is fire safe Wonnangatta Station once beautiful grazed green biodiverse home for many Australian species groomed by 1200 cattle and their stock horses, fire safe stolen from local communities by mysterious national park process, turned into dirty bush and rank flammable grass smothering orchids and other wildflowers in just 26 years. The wallaby, kangaroo are gone to the dogs, birds are burnt, frogs starved…. If you want to see wildlife and wildflowers you need to go to the nearest farm. Biodiversity seeks out the big animals.

Imagine what the Canberra Cotter looked like after 90 years locked up, the Kosciuszko after 70 years of lovingly been neglected wilderness cesspit nature would never have allowed had even natural fires been denied. Ecologies coevolving for 20-40 million years with unsuppressed fire and big animal activity. We wont mention the dinosaur era 230-65 million years prior to that. What science do you want the convenient agenda driven stuff or what is internationally peer reviewed objectively, robustly, openly?

More and more Australian’s want aerial culling of feral exotics where blow in boffins get on a plane and never come back to burn Australia ever again. The ‘expired use by date pH d’s.’ Never again demand our free living adopted big animals on ecoservices be exposed to mindless extermination programs of a one way war from a government funded helicopter. Shot up by a hail of bullets from military weapons with fanatic bloodlust working the trigger. Within a short time the unstoppable fire obliterates what is left.

From a scientific view point the so called green movement is light rejected as useless to plants and useless to Australia forth with.  


Noeline Franklin, BSC (Hon), M.Medsc, PTC.
16 Years CSIRO Scientist/Snowy Mountain Farmer


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