Horse Flu and the ABC

Our once National Radio for the people, “good old Aunty”, the ABC, is maintaining the public funding to keep employed an army of presenters from radical green to political party stooges while gating out the people.

On the 3rd and 4th of September, 2007, ABC Radio South East, operating from Bega in NSW, transmitted interviews with radical green presenter, Tim Holt, (pictured top)known for his quick pressing of the mute button if the flavour moves from green, and Peter Cochran, (pictures right) Snowy Mountain trail riding business owner, and a very experienced horseman of many years, then the next day it was Andrew Cox, CEO (pictured below) of the National Parks Association in Sydney.

The subject was “Horse Flu”, it’s effect on the Brumby and horses in rural areas.

Cox, who was the instigator of pushing the NSW government into executing the Brumby horses in Guy Fawkes National Park back in 2000, where the NP Rangers, in helicopters, loaded with “NO Experience as shooters” left these heritage horses dying from disgusting gunshot wounds. It was a bloody disgrace then the obligatory white wash by the Carr government was implemented to smooth it over, accompanied by the relevant spin doctors. To read that story – click here.

This radical ratbag Cox (pictured), refers to Guy Fawkes, but not the massacre, and to our heritage Brumby as a “Ferral Horse”.

To listen to both interviews, and form your own opinion – Click Here – for the popup window to open, then double click track 1 for Cox, which will automatically be followed by Peter Cochran. It is worth the listen.

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