Green Saboteurs Hit Power Plant

Michaela StubbsIn the early hours of Monday September 3rd, a group of four Green saboteurs led by Friends of the Earth activist Michaela Stubbs (pictured), cut their way through the fence of the Loy Yang power station in the Latrobe Valley , Victoria, and sabotaged two conveyors causing an immediate shut down.

The power station with one generator not available for use was forced to halve its electricity production. Management later advised a loss in production of “hundreds of thousands of dollars”, however, other generators were available in the area and Melbourne suffered no loss of power.

Victoria Police were called in to cut the four protesters free from the conveyor belts and they were later charged. No doubt, in the fullness of time they will appear before a magistrate who will admonish them to be good children in the future.

Green activist, champion of alternative power sources, member of the Friends of the Earth and an active opponent of nuclear power, Michaela Stubbs, very easily contactable on telephones 0429 136 935 or land line 9419 8700 was interviewed by ABC Radio Sale. Well known Green supporter Gerard Callinan allowed Michaela Stubbs free rein to give her message. In previous times, her ravings would have been described as repititious and “you know” boring, “you know” being her often repeated punctuation.

ABC Radio in Melbourne also picked up this act of terrorism and they, through Jon Faine, also gave this suburban terrorist the freedom of the airwaves to get her “you know” message across.

On the whole this rather “you know” stupid juvenile prank achieved its objective of allowing this naive Green activist to “you know’ get her message across without anything more than a token hindrance by ABC Radio.

Those of us who “you know” have studied the Great Global Warming Swindle DVD will recognise this group as, “you know” one of the anti everything brigade who would like us all to return to the days when we were covered with woad.

John Cribbes.

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