NZ Corporate Interests In Japan Whaling?

Hypocrisy Big Bucks Win Over Anti-Whaling

SOS-NEWS would like to thank Editor, Ray Platt, for allowing us to publish this story that appeared in his newspaper “The Strategy” February 2008 edition.

The following article was sent as a letter to the editor of a NZ magazine and sent to “The Strategy” (newspaper) by a NZ reader. It is of immense importance to read and understand just what is going on and who is controlling this whaling situation.

17 December, 2007

The Editor
Investigate Magazine
P.O. Box 302-188
North Harbour
Auckland 1310
New Zealand

A friend of mine in Tauranga, New Zealand, kindly faxed me some of The New Zealand Herald recent articles (read Australia, T/S) criticizing Japanese people for deception and immoral whaling. I hold an executive position in a large Japanese bank associated with the fishing industry, and am upset about the blatant lies and propaganda that this particular newspaper is currently publishing about whaling. I have previously sent a shortened version of this letter to the editor of The New Zealand Herald, but not so surprisingly, I have not received any response.

I would like to reply on behalf of many Japanese people who feel the same as me about the issue, and I am wondering, since I have been told your magazine is dedicated to exposing the truth about prominent and controversial issues, if you could include my letter in your letters to the editor column in your magazine.

The following is my letter:

NZ Anti-Whaling Hypocrisy

On 20 November, 2007, your Prime Minister, Helen Clark, criticized Japanese for “deception” for sending our whaling fleet to the southern ocean last Sunday headed by ship Nisshin Maru.

Nisshin Maru is owned by Kyodo Senpaku Company, 32 per cent owned by Nihon Suisan (Nissui). Nissui owns 50 per cent of New Zealand’s biggest fishing company, Sealord.

As at March 31, 2006, the seven principal shareholders of Nissui were:

The Master Trust Bank of Japan Ltd (20,559 shares),
Japan Trustee Services Bank Ltd (17,711),
Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd (13650), Mellon Bank as agent for Mellon Omnibus US Pension (Standing proxy agent: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd)(4719),
Bank of New York GCM Client Accounts EISG (Standing proxy agent:
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)(4074),
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank 385067 (Standing proxy agent: Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd) (4030), Goldman Sachs International (Standing proxy agent Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd) (3960).

All these banks are not Japanese owned, but are exclusively Anglo/American controlled from the City of London Corporation, a separate banking kingdom in London that now controls the world, that was first setup as a Masonic “Christian” (first Roman Catholic, and after the Reformation, Protestant) ecclesiastical corporation following the conquest of William the Conqueror in 1066 AD.For example, the biggest shareholder in Nissui is The Master Trust Bank of Japan.

As at October 2005 this bank was owned by: Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (56.5 per cent), Nippon Life Insurance Company (33.5 per cent), Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company (10 per cent). Prior to these banks purchasing The Master Trust Bank of Japan shares, the shares were previously owned by British-controlled Deutsche Bank, the same bank that brokered the sale of 50 per cent of the New Zealand Sealord shares to Nissui from Brierley Investments in January 2001.

Founded in Berlin in 1870, Deutsche Bank became the leading Fascist bank of the Nazis, and under Hitler, it financed much of the construction of Auschwitz concentration camp among others. Under Hitler’s and Mussolini’s dictatorships, Fascism was simply described as “the merger of Christian socialism with corporatization,” or “big business working in collusion with socialist government.” In 1999, Deutsche Bank was forced to negotiate survivor claims as a precondition for its $10.1 billion takeover of Bankers Trust, when at the time it became the world’s biggest bank with total assets of $800 billion. Today it is Germany’s biggest bank and is controlled by the City of London Corporation.

Bankers Trust Australia Ltd is one of the major shareholders in John Fairfax Holdings Ltd, one of Australasia’s biggest media monopolies, that just happens to also own The New Zealand Herald.

Previously, in 1992, when Nelson-based Sealord Products was put up for sale, your government provided your Maori tribes with $150 million, a part of which was used to buy 50 per cent of the Sealord company.

All of the fishing quota transferred to Maori is owned by Aotearoa Fisheries, the holding company of your 52 Maori tribes which hold shares in Aotearoa’s controlling shareholder, the Te Ohu Kaimoana Trust.

Presently about 30 per cent of your entire commercial fishery quota is owned by Aotearoa, and in 1989 your government stated it wanted to transfer at least 40 per cent or more into the company by 2010. In the fishing industry, banks provide loans primarily on the security of quota – not buildings and vessels. It is not hard to see that if Sealord were ever to get into financial difficulty, the banks which hold both the shares in Nissui and debts of Sealord will, in all likelihood, deviously disenfranchise the New Zealand public and indigenous Maori people of their fishing quota, just as they have already done to our small local fishermen and fishing companies here in Japan.

The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group in Japan is the world’s largest bank by assets with approximately $US1.7 trillion or more. It is one of the largest shareholders in Toyota and acts as the proxy agent for the Bank of New York. The Bank of New York is the oldest bank in the United States, founded in 1784, and was the first corporate stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange when it was founded in 1792. The bank was founded by a Jewish lawyer and banker, Alexander Hamilton (real name Levene) who was an agent of N.M.Rothschild and Sons Ltd in London, and who also became Secretary of the Treasury in George Washington’s first cabinet. He also was responsible for creating and chartering the Bank of the United States in 1791, and for getting Congress to pass the Coinage Act, which established the mint and prescribed the decimal system of coinage which Americans have today.

Another more recent descendant of Alexander Hamilton and the Levene family in London (who also control the Unilever Group, the biggest consumer packaged goods company in the world formed in 1930 as the result of a merger between Britain’s Lever [Levene] Brothers and Holland’s Margarine Unie. In 2005 Unilever generated over US$50 billion in income and had over 350,000 employees) is a gentleman by the name of Peter Keith Levene or better known as Baron Levene of Portsoken. Baron Levene has previously been vice chairman of Deutsche Bank, chairman of Bankers Trust International, and senior adviser at Morgan Stanley-Wasserstein. He is a an Alderman and Magistrate of the City of London Corporation, served as Sheriff from 1995-96 and served as Lord Mayor for the year 1998-99 during which time he promoted London as the chief international financial city of the world.

This program started by him is now being coordinated by the International Financial Services Group London (IFSL) of which he is Chairman. He is also the current Chairman of Lloyd’s, Chairman of General Dymamics UK Ltd, on the board of Haymarket Group Ltd, on the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Borse, China Construction Bank and is a director of Sainsbury Plc.

In all, there are presently over 90 of the City’s biggest and most powerful banks that are members of the IFSL, including the Bank of England and the City of London Corporation itself. The trustees of IFSL are presently Lord Levene, Sir Edward George, and Peter Mimpriss (Allen and Avery).Others are to be added in the future.

The Bank of New York in 2005 had 23,451 employees. It is controlled by a number of giant British banks, has a huge branch in London, and is an affiliate of The Royal Bank of Scotland International.

On December 4, 2006, the Bank of New York (through its Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) agents, Goldman Sachs, Lazard and UBS Investment Banks (all Rothschild / City of London-controlled)announced its $16.5 billion merger (takeover) of the giant U.S. Mellon Financial Corporation in July 2007.

In October 2007, following the Royal Bank of Scotland-led consortium’s EUR 70 billion takeover of Holland’s biggest bank, ABN-Amro, Sir Fred Goodwin head of RBS replaced David Baron de Rothschild on the ABN-Amro Supervisory Board. Currently ABN-Amro alone has over 96,000 employees, over 3,000 branches in 60 countries and assets of EUR 881 billion. The former New Zealand Minister of Finance, Sir William Birch, serves on the ABN-Amro Australia and New Zealand Advisory Council.

In the loan week, September 28 – October 4, 2007, Finance announced that Sealord Group on September 27, 2007, signed for a three year NZ$176 million revolving loan through The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, the same bank which is the Standing Proxy Agent for Mellon Bank as agent for Mellon Omnibus US Pension, the third biggest shareholder in Nissui, which owns 50 per cent of Sealord shares and 32 per cent of Kyodo Senpaku Company, which in turn owns the whaling ship Nisshin Maru.

In the 1961-62 whaling season, when Japan’s pelagic whaling was at its peak, three fleets were operated by three of Japan’s largest pelagic fishing companies, which included 86 catchers, 14 refrigerator ships, seven tankers, 36 freighters and 10,200 seamen. Not surprisingly, Nihon Suisan (Nissui) was one of those three companies.Nissui is now possibly the largest fishing company in the world. It also controls Gorton’s Seafood Products, the biggest seafood supplier and distributor in USA, which incidentally, it purchased off Unilever in October 2001.

It is not so surprising then to see that it is the very same British-controlled Fascist banking pirates in London that own Nissui, who also own your highly controlled and censored media such as The New Zealand Herald, and that also are the ones who continue to publish lies and propaganda about the Japanese whaling issue. Isn’t it about time these hidden facts were exposed to your people?

Only Employees
Japanese people are only employees, and do not control or own the ship Nisshin Maru, or Nissui Company, and are not responsible for the destruction of the world’s whale populations and global fisheries at all as your media deceptively claims. The real culprits are the money-hungry, immoral, British, American and New Zealand Fascist bankers and businessmen in collusion with compliant politicians.Your Parliament has previously been severely criticized for its duplicity in this matter over Sealord and Nissui, although the shareholders of Nissui, of course, have never been mentioned.

I have visited your beautiful country and found kiwis very nice and friendly, especially in Tauranga, but I have also found, as the result of your highly controlled and censored media, many people are excessively ignorant and poorly informed.

Japanese politicians and businessmen are not perfect either, but unlike Japan, you arrogantly claim to be a Christian country eschewing evil and promoting truth, while your parliament is opened with Christian prayer.

Didn’t the apostle Paul in your New Testament write to Timothy and warn him against immoral puppets like your aligned media who, “speaking lies in hypocrisy,” carry out the spin of wealthy businessmen and bank’s for whom “the love of money is the root of all evil”?

(Miss) Fumiko Morinuki
4/7 Ishikawa -Apt
7, Minami 6JO
Higashi 2 Chrome
Abashiri-S Hokkaido,
093-0006 JAPAN

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