Pathetic Parks Bad Publicity Hurts

Last Sundays Herald, page 18, was an article about the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service complaining that the NSW Rural Fire Service get plenty of positive media coverage, whereas they don’t, or they only get negative coverage. 

Unlike the RFS, who are volunteers – the NP&WS fire fighters are fully paid wage earners of that organisation, receiving overtime when bushfires go past 4pm knockoff time – have either no concern, or most likely no comprehension as to bushfire devastation or the consequences of not containing a bushfire. 

For example, in the Goonoo Conservation Area the NP&WS tried to stop the RFS from bulldozing a firebreak to halt a fire front because it was supposedly destroying endangered vegetation.  

Another, the Broken Cart Track fire, in 2003, NP&WS inhibited the fire management processes, due to “Corroboree Frog habitats”, hence this containable fire broke through heading into Canberra, and we all know what happened there, with 4 people killed, and suburbs turned to ashes. 

John Dengate, well known Radical Greenie” and public affairs director of NP&WS has sent out an order than “at least once during any major fire they (NPWS staff) are to send him a photo of them in uniform studying a map on a car bonnet or checking a piece of equipment” 

Shallow would be and understatement of this first class fools statement. It does however reflect on his fearless leader, Dr Tony Fleming, radical green CEO of the NP&WS, who is caretaker environment minister only while Phil Koperberg is in office, implements his agenda on the people of NSW. 

To read the article, and view a picture of this plonker – click here

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