Welcome to NEWSFRONT


This is another arm of SOS-NEWS where detailed stories and inquiries along with information from our subscribers and stool pigeons, we will present to you.

Like rust, “We Never Sleep”, and that is why we have the news and stories that keep you informed as to what the government and corporations are doing as they dictate to the people, “Their Masters”

This service is run by volunteers and many are retired private detectives who have years of experience at rock turning, which contibutes to our stories exposing the information your government does not want you to hear.

Also on the tail of corporations who seem to be the masters of our government that has turned into a corporation as we see their commercial intervention and privatising our utilitites to satisfy those masters.

Not leaving out the Radical greens – we are right on their backsides at all times.

If you have a story email me – editor@sosnews.org

Mal Davies (Editor)

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