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APRadio Podcast 29-05-2018

Harry Palmer reveals 240,000 letter returned not known at this address issued from the electoral roll to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the recent plebiscite conducted – Harry & Mike speaks on Magna Carta and Lawful Rebellion …

3 Responses to APRadio Podcast 29-05-2018

  1. Beverly Whyte says:

    Thankyou both for talking about the situation in the UK. I feel, we the people, of Australia, should be very aware that our freedoms will be next. #FreeTommy.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comments Beverley. We try to make the public aware of that which the establishment do not want known… We can only livde in hope of removing the problem in power but I am not holding my breath … Harry

  2. freedomman says:

    thank you both for your work and you are not alone there are a lot more patriots out here in this country than you think that are ready to stand up and take action to bring about a law full and democratic government that is based on our constitution that is for and of and by the people.

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