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Harry & Mike Podcast 24 April 2018

Fellow Mushrooms … If you play by the establishment rules .. YOU LOSE ….

Harry Palmer chats with Mike Holt on the establishment control of the electoral system and how this can be terminated at the next poling day. Remove the problem by not voting for them. These political masters remain in control of your destiny because YOU vote them back to do the same thing time and time again. Change is at your finger tip.

3 Responses to Harry & Mike Podcast 24 April 2018

  1. The political party’s faceless peoples strategic pre-selection backroom corruption also must be remedied by restoring the Crown’s faith within the Commonwealth Government to prevent this sort of corruption from again occurring as it cost Me My livelihoods!

    • The facts are that a Catholic true to his or her faith, cannot participate in the rites of the Church of England or take an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty. Which oath of office is constitutionally an oath of supreme authority given to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, our Lawful Sovereign, the legal defender of the faith of the Crown.

    Constitutional the oath of office given should have had the effect of repudiating the Pope’s spiritual power. But the passage of time has provided pieces of evidence that keep gathering each month of each herein stated default after each dishonourable & contemptuous default on the parts of past & present elected & non-elected officers of the Crown.

    Evidencing that it was on each of their elements nothing but an oath of office given to be able to pocket ongoing profits from the Crown by their intentional different faith deception & their willful crimes of fraud, deceit & perjury committed.

    Such wrongdoings have resulted in Me being defrauded & harmed as a CoT victim maliciously.

    • More conscious criminal intent on their parts to treasonously commit perjury as provided by each them with a different faith based on the herein below outlined noticed facts.

    • Hence, by political party’s backroom sleight of hands, We have been political infiltrated by politicians with a different faith & thereby infiltrated unconstitutionally.

    • We have been subjected to purported Governors-General as were politically chosen by purportedly eligibly elected officers & by some HCA found to have been ineligibly elected officers but some whose personal religious belief treasonously do conflict with & are constitutionally different to the doctrine of the Crown.

    • The different & conflicting faith of unelected & elected officers of the Crown; has rendered their combined silence to these herein facts which is politically contemptuous & treasonous by those of them with a different religion.

    • Their treasonously creating deliberate political party failures to contemptuously not yet constitutionally & to not yet legally bother to comply with Her Majesty’s successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange & or of its recorded set of binding “Financial Instruments”.

    The Court of Faculties is the Court of jurisdiction resultantly under the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Commonwealth). The Court of Faculties is ultimately under the authority of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, for Her Royal Majesty with its Head Office still being in Westminster London.

  2. Dennis Lane says:

    Excellent broadcast Guys , have as always forwarded to about 30 friends ..
    Howard got us into surplus by selling off our gold reserves..
    When Blind Freddy Knew it was increasing in value at a rate of notts .
    Howard also as Turnbull are puppets of the UN ! Hence Port Aurthur ..
    In fact make any mention of this disgusting period is a sure way to be kicked out of F/B… As this happened to myself & many of my friends when re posting my posts. Good on your fellows ..keep up with the TRUTH !

    • admin says:

      Dennis~ We aim to get the truth to the people but as with the horse and water we cannot make them drink ….Harry

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