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Harry & Mike podcast 1st April 2018

Fellow Mushrooms … If you play by the establishment rules .. YOU LOSE ….

Harry Palmer chats with Mike Holt on the issues of how we the people can remove the self appointed master in our parliament when they control the rules that govern we the so-called free people of Australia. This discussion plays some serious cards in a stacked deck of dictatorial deceit to maintain power over people. Our subservient existence we have self imposed via the ballot box can only be changed the same way as too late is fast closing on the concrete minded party faithful changing deckchairs on the TITANIC…

5 Responses to Harry & Mike podcast 1st April 2018

  1. Kenneth-Clyde Ivory says:

    Harry & Mike,

    Would you not also need to allow funding to build prisons to accommodate current politicians, bank boards, corporate judges, ambassador’s and current public servants and their media stooges who are perverting and defeating our rights and entitlement’s?

  2. Diane says:

    Great show.. Very Interesting,,, going to have another Listen now… a lot of Great info , You both sound very clear and concise.. I do not think you explained the goings on with PH as this is the first Ozzy News Ive Liatened to in a Month so I am a Bit out of fthe Loop :D…. All in All. Thoroughly enjoyed Listening but wish you could go for longer and Elaborate more on certain topics… ūüėÄ Tick and a Gold Star…

    • admin says:

      Diane~ Thank you for the comments, we are working on extending the show and more patriot news when we get our new website up and running by the end of this month…Harry

  3. freedomman says:

    The first thing that a CIR should look at is change the laws to include laws in place that gives we the people the inalienable right of self defence and initiates our own version of the second amendment for we the people in Australia. And as always a lot of great information now all we have to do is get it out there and talk to people a I ‘am doing on a daily basis.

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