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March 31 2018 Podcast

Harry Palmer presents… the greens are gone! …. A revision of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, a manual developed by the establishment world to control we the people. Riveting reading with a video located in the INFORMATION tab on the menu bar at the top of this site. Peter Spencer need your help with funding his legal costs to reclaim your lands.. See the link in our opposite column with his picture if you can help….

2 Responses to March 31 2018 Podcast

  1. Monika Evers says:

    i click on both articles nothing happens …how do I listen to it.

    • admin says:

      Sorry about delay in reply, mail server discarded your comment for some reason I cannot find. Click on the podcast you wish to hear READ ME and a new window will open, on the left side underneath the small picture if a black arrow on a small square, click that and the podcast starts playing…Harry

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