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March 24 Podcast – Harry & Mike “Oz Chat”

Fellow Mushrooms … If you play by the establishment rules .. YOU LOSE ….

Harry Palmer and Mike Holt Harry touches on the recent devastating bushfires at Tathra NSW and how the out of control empire builders of emergency services turf wars take precedent over what they are set in place to do under a minster who is in total denial. Mike and Harry chat about government dismissing our constitution to dictate their agenda by legislation that is illegal and how the sheeple voters keep it alive. We are pleased to announce that Peter Spencer is now on our team to bring you in coming weeks his decade+ court battles to expose and reverse your land theft by unaccountable politicians using STEALTH and stand TO PAYOUT BILLION$…….

4 Responses to March 24 Podcast – Harry & Mike “Oz Chat”

  1. Kenneth-Clyde Ivory says:

    Harry & Mike

    But you still have to go before their judges, there is the problem, you require a judge who is honest and that is not possible in their system.

    • admin says:

      Kenneth your comments are appreciated. When you find this honest judge can you give us a call….You are right on the button….Harry

  2. allan moore says:

    Australia will keep degenerating into political tyranny while the sheepal keep voting lawyers into all areas of public service,in particular, political judiciary appointments, and members of parliament. I urge your followers to google ” the missing 13th amendment” @ sicknesshope.com, this document says it all as to why we, in the western world have been, and continue be enslaved to these grubs, bloody scary stuff, so much for GOD!!! where the F!@#% is he ?

  3. freedomman says:

    we the people must wake up got of the couch turn off the television and get involved top regain a constitutional based form of representation not the cabal we have right now.

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