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March 16 Podcast – Harry & Mike “Oz Chat”

Fellow Mushrooms … If you play by the establishment rules .. YOU LOSE ….

Harry Palmer and Mike Holt review “Failure of Government and our right to be rid of them” …. Complacency with an entrenched two party political belief is our only option keeps these destructive bastards in power. Time is running out to redeem your freedom and a voice in your parliament as the Liberal-Labor juggernaut continues it’s unrestrained dictatorship that can be quelled by you the people TODAY. Harry & Mike discuss this with information you may not know or choose not to know. It’s time to put a stop to this unaccountable power house in Canberra before we are overrun by other powers who are manipulating these marionettes the voters keep in office……..

3 Responses to March 16 Podcast – Harry & Mike “Oz Chat”

  1. Beverly Whyte says:

    Good morning Harry and Mike
    I am a first time listener, who like I’m sure many in Australia, feel helpless against the tide of muslim immigration. I do not trust that main stream media will tell the truth about stealth jihad. However frightening, I learned today that out of eighty thousand muslim security guards, fifty thousand are licenced to carry guns. Not good but I would rather know, than not know. I look forward to the next broadcast.
    Kind regards

    • admin says:

      Beverly…. Thank you for your comments and welcome as one of our loyal listeners here at APR. Mike and myself have both grown up in the good times and both are Vietnam vets in the RAAF although never knew one and other back then in the 1960’s but read from the same page a patriots of Australia. Passing around our message is the way to educate the public to start taking back control of your country. Very kind regards … Harry.

      • admin says:

        Thanks for your comments Allan. We are here to podcast what the establishment do not want published and as you say the corruption of our parliament and judiciary is 100% unaccountable to we the people. So lets start getting the sheeple to look at their pending demise from their support of those in power engineering our demise by stealth. Since we started our network in 2001 nothing seems to alert the sheeple of pending demise of Australia as we once knew it… but lets not give up. Even the lemmings are taking notice… how long before the sheeple? .. Harry

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