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March 8 Podcast – Harry & Mike Oz Chat

Fellow Mushrooms … If you play by the establishment rules .. YOU LOSE ….

Harry Palmer and Mike Holt review the Port Arthur shootings from their respective comprehensive data holding on the subject casting very dark shadows over thick government whitewash from factual inquiries. Was Martin Bryant the world class marksman with an IQ of an 11 year old child portrayed? – The pre-constructed embalming machine and a 22 body mortuary truck? – International medical and journalist conference in Tasmania that weekend? – Police sent on a wild goose chase? – John Howard covering up coronial inquiry…. link to Port Arthur Wendy Scurr witness detailed video at sosnews – Here.

6 Responses to March 8 Podcast – Harry & Mike Oz Chat

  1. Kerosine Kid says:

    Hi Harry & Mike
    Great insight to the Port Lincoln deep state murders
    Thank you Gentlemen

  2. freedomman says:

    AS all Australian I’m tired of being lied to and tired of all the manipulation, we the people must contact our elected employees and demand this situation be resolved we must demand the colonial inquiry to take place for the sake of our country and our future . I too am one of a 1000000 licenced shooters in this country I want my rights restored under our Constitution we will not go away me Howard and you should be tried on grounds of treason and be locked up for a very long time . Free Martin Bryant and bring down the cabal restore constitutional government in this country controlled by we the people.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately the Gillard Labor government, sanction by the Libs, removed any treason from our law books and no longer can prosecution for that be implemented. The dictators were in fear mode the people may revolt with a plethora of such charges. Remember you need to legislate to dictate … Harry

  3. Doug says:

    Martin Bryant was registered with the Tassie Govt to receive a pension due to his IQ being only 66. How could any psychologist deem MB mentally competent to enter a plea of guilty? MB should not be in Risdon.

    • admin says:

      CORRECT … Doug, just more evidence to the truth side of the whitewash dribble the establishment wish us to digest … Harry

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