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Harry and Mike “Oz-Chat”

Harry and Mike present their second “Oz Chat” weekly segment discussing the Australian Bill of Rights currently before the parliament that is nothing more than a lead in allowing the establishment duopoly government a clearway to launch their republic on we the people ….. Did you know this is going on in your parliament????? ….

4 Responses to Harry and Mike “Oz-Chat”

  1. Len Harris says:

    John Howards government has already passed legislation to allow Australian Judges to be eligable to sit on the bench of the World Court.
    The problem is that it also proportes to make “International Law take precedence over Australian Law”?
    Why is this a problem? the Govenor General in the instructions that acompany their Letters Patent (their document appointing them to represent the CROWN as the Queens appointee) states they cannot give Royal Assent to any bill that deminishes the rights of the Crown. Therefor the Law is of no effect or Ultra Vires.
    As a Queensland Senator I was the only Senator who opposed the Bill, this is recorded in Hansard.
    Former Senator for Queensland 1999-2005.

  2. Adam Rowe says:

    G’day Harry, I enjoyed your podcast with Mike and appreciate your efforts to raise awareness on the loss of our constitutional rights by those evil bastards in parliament. I have only recently become aware of the history of how they managed to achieve their goals by stealth, particularly the Australia Act 1986 by Fabian Bob Hawke. I believe it was Fabian Gough Whitlam in 1973 who was responsible for removing the teaching of the constitution in our schools, so it’s no wonder we have a generation of people who are ingnorent of their sovereign rights. Under our original constitution it is quite clear the penalty for any person, politician who is found guilty of altering or removing any part without a referendum of the sovereign people. Life imprisonment ! And we have more than enough proof.
    Is it possible to take a more direct path and have those responsible charged with treason and restore our sovereign rights under the original Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. Maybe served by a previous Govener General who’s job was to protect the sovereign people from the problem we are in now.
    Regards Adam

    • admin says:

      Thanks Adam for your comments … our duopoly have removed Treason from the crimes act so they cannot be prosecuted along with government and public servants cannot be prosecuted for their actions just total immunity to protect their inefficiency and total protection of the duopoly empire establishment from the people seeking to destroy their world of total control…. Harry

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