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January 19 Podcast 2018

Serious activists are now joining forces as the pressure build on the establishment …

Harry touches on Gangs of Melbourne with an email from a terrified mother describing death threats to her `12 year old son and police admit they are powerless… Turnbull commanding the default military backup for Japan with no fuel, bullets or engagement ready equipment …. Queensland Greens protected crocs killing tourist trade … Bob Hudson’s Newcastle song revisited to 1970’s ….

2 Responses to January 19 Podcast 2018

  1. Kim says:

    All to do with the UN’s Agenda 21 being implemented.
    Love Blair Cottrell. He seems one of only a few saying or doing anything. person doing anything.
    The climate change is normal, but also being caused by the US military industrial complex chemtrailling our skies.

  2. Chappy Chapman says:

    If you were real Patriots you’d want Australia Day to go back to it’s original date of the 30/07/1915 when it was about Gallipoli and The Dardanelles and raising money to support the war effort of real Australians.
    The history of the first Australia Day is actually pretty great. It was the brainchild of Ellen Warton-Kirke and was held on July 30, 1915. It was a fundraising day for the war effort at a time when Australian troops were up to their necks in the Gallipoli campaign.
    According to the Australian War Memorial’s website, “Ribbons, badges, handkerchiefs, buttons and other items… were sold to raise funds, with phrases such as ‘For Australia’s Heroes’, ‘Help Our Wounded Heroes’ and ‘The Turks Struck their Match in the Australians’ which appealed to people’s sense of pride and patriotism. From a population of just under 5 million people, the day raised over £311,500 in Victoria and more than £839,500 in NSW. In today’s figures that would be close to $623,000 and $1.7 million respectively.” that’s why it should go back to the 30th and if you were “REAL” Patriots instead of racists using Patriotism as an excuse to justify your racism you’d want it held on it’s original date of the 30th July as well!
    PS. Gangs of Melbourne is a problem but not near the problem it’s been beat up to be by Turnbull Dutton and the knuckle dragging loony right wing media!

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