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January 5 Podcast 2018

Serious activists are now joining forces as the pressure build on the establishment …

Welcome to 2018. Harry reveals fuel supplies to our military have only 19 days of storage and more … Interesting assessment of Barak Obama and the fools who elected him from a world leader … sacked Senator Rodney Culleton has High Court sanction he was dismissed under a false flag raised by Attorney General Brandis as George flees to England with pending Senate inquire now required …. Mike Holt joins APR ….

2 Responses to January 5 Podcast 2018

  1. David Foster says:

    Yes good old QC George Brandis is of a foreign power being of the bar of UK, that means subservient to a foreign power and any other person that are receiving or recognised by the bar, and dismissing the High Court of justice here in Australia are too be placed in chains for High Treason under Constitution Sec 44 and Removed from office for being subservient too a foreign power for they have to take a oath as well. Feel free to call ME.

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