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Cairns Court to support David Walter

Reliance on government to protect your family against out of control street crime and terrorist attack, is but a myth.

Harry Palmer presents this bulletin making Queenslander’s aware of David Walter taking on the judicial on Monday 30 October in Cairns at 9am. Exposing the duopoly and judicial having removed your rights your support at that court on Monday to pack the premises will send a message to the enforcers who dare to dictate against your rights…

2 Responses to Cairns Court to support David Walter

  1. Michael Mathews says:

    Please give my thanks to David Walter. I am tied up with other Qld and other Australian corruption matters and I cannot get to the Cairns court on Monday.
    I have had corrupt experiences in the Qld Supreme court and in the following matter the Douglas shire and Cairns Council Mayors and CEOs refused to attend the court when we issued court summonses.
    2 Judges also knowingly obstructed and perverted the course of justice and crooked Council solicitors arranged for false documents to be used which amount to perjury. They played a range of unlawful tactics and totally disregarded the court rules.
    Ultimeately the Judge walked out of the courtroom after making unlawful threats to us two complaintants and he refused us our right to present our Affidavits to the court because he knew they contained absolute clear evidence of crime and corruption affecting up to 1183 land owners and residents etc. The mention of ritual abuse victims is only relevant for a couple of specific people of the many defrauded people.

  2. george says:

    Oh dear – Oh dear – – – OH DEARIE me………

    Just come from the Courthouse and listened to 6 witnesses describing the same scenario…… all wildly at odd with other.

    The first the watch-house person in charge perjured himself twice as he was solidly contradicted quite firmly by the other officer AND every other witness in the Court – then alleged that he was scratched “in the eye area” by his fingernails – when he did not have any fingernails because of a medical condition – then he was accused of “flailing” his arms about and throwing books and papers at the “arresting” offices – all the whilst being securely handcuffed behind his back {now that is a mean feat if I have ever seen one}

    Then we had the spectacle of a fairly senior Federal prosecutor or perhaps a {persecutor?} not quite knowing who he was actually persecuting for – nor under which proper law he was acting under and of course his instructing solicitor just happened to be one of those new non binary model of humanoids, had a bit of difficulty reading English, so perhaps her Law degree might have been bought on line somewhere………..

    AND of course the comedy sketch would not be complete without the spectacle of a “visiting” federal {sic} prosecutor – who just happened to be in town for some unstated reason and was called as a witness because he was in the Court watching the original farce – but he was being so pernicious and obstreperous with his not so smart remarks and attempts to divert attention that even the Magistrate had a few words of wisdom to impart to him.

    I did not stay for the afternoon matinee as it was fairly obvious to me that the Magistrate had no option but to instruct the current prosecutor to declare a “nolle prosequi” and withdraw the farcical charges – but I feel that the prosecutor might want to go for broke – in which case I will assume that it might find it way to the High Court.

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