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David Walter Special Interview

Harry Palmer conducted an interview with John ?? who delivers a mine field of information of how QLD Beaty government manipulated the system to remove all peoples rights without them knowing, they do not even own their own property and that David Walter exposing this and more is being silenced by a corrupt judicial system about to collapse. There are two parts to this podcast you need to hear to be informed …

8 Responses to David Walter Special Interview

  1. Painful Paulie the Patriot says:

    Amazing stuff! I would like to know more about Mr Walter and this story that you tell of events with Her Majesty upon the Steps of Parliament House. It sounded like a fiction radio Play being Broadcast. Is this a joke or is it real? I have been gob-smacked at the almost complete lack of response by the sheeple to TWO consecutive Coups D’etat! First Rudd then Abbot, Faark! Am I the only mug that sees this shit!? Apparently not, please respond post haste…

    • admin says:

      Paulie~ Thanks for your comments,. YES .. it is all true and no bloody joke. We at sosnews have been aware of the queensland gestapo removing land rights for decades. Her Majesty at the Australia parliament was witnessed by the whole police and Army guards at the entrance to the house of humour. There is NO WAY any mainstream puppet show would publish the corruption of their political masters. Just keep passing it around and you can count on us to keep broadcasting all that the establishment do not want us to know….. Harry Palmer

  2. Ron Emmerton says:

    National Independent Members Alliance

  3. charlie marison says:

    treason treason treason liberal labor green all treasonous scxum of the earth wake up Australia

  4. Larena says:

    Around the 14 min mark. Hypocritical. So how did the queen aquire these lands ? And who did she compensate for these lands ? Original Sovereignty never ceded.

    • admin says:

      Larena~ Thank you for your comments. We podcast to make people aware of information government do not want us to know and your freedom to comment ..Harry

  5. My Homepage says:

    … [Trackback]

    […] Informations on that Topic: sosnews.org/apradio/2017/08/22/david-walter-special-interview/ […]

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