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Australian Patriot Radio

SOSNEWS a pioneer into podcasting back in 2010, had weekly broadcast and interviews before smart phones and tablet working from a mailing list until the time consumption force a choice of print or audio, so the audio was put on hold.

Technology has opened the door and removed the cobwebs from our audio studio as we will be devoting most of our work now to podcast Australian Patriot Radio as our communication platform for SOSNEWS being taken right to your office, home or hand held cyber connection.

Work is being done producing our podcast app for Andriod and iphone is under way to have it operational soon.

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SOSNEWS was established in 2001 and pioneering critical publication of government unheard of attracted a steadyc flow of followers. Aimed to assist the Victorian high country cattlemen being moved out of the Snowy Mountain national park they had grazed cattle on for over 150 years, but found the entrenched indestructible image of Banjo Patterson would be their salvation and were not ready for internet media.

Diversing to keeping our in your face publishing we moved to publish information the establishment did not what you the people to access. Our first very successful campaign was stopping the sale of our Snowy Hydro by NSW,VIC and Federal Government.

Today we have 80,000+ subscribing computers that expands to readers being forwarded sosnews which is a substantial audience that expands daily as government keeps moving to self destruction of the establishment fortress by the voice of the people.